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Deciding on Dinner: Meal Planning Busy Family Edition August 17-August 23

  Before going on vacation I was doing great with menu planning. On the other hand, I wasn’t doing so great at grocery shopping! For some reason when I made my menu plan I didn’t get everything I needed on my grocery list. I’d go to make a meal and realize I was missing something. […]

Meal Planning: Organization Station

This is a guest post brought to you by Samantha Schultz:  Samantha Schultz writes about all things life and parenthood on her blog, The Peanuts Gang. With two boys (Charlie & Jack) and a high school sweetheart hubby, they experience the adventures of this crazed life – sharing along the way. She and her family live […]

Deciding on Dinner Meal Planning Busy Family Edition July 27-August 2

Yes! I am finally working on getting my life in order, which has been a few week process. I’ve already almost successfully finished one week of meal planning and really want to stay on task and continue to plan every week. My husband wants me to just create a rotating schedule but I like change […]

Menu Plan Monday: Freezer Meals

It has been a long time since I have done one of these. My life has been so hectic lately! A friend of mine asked me why I don’t batch cook so I have food ready for busy nights. So a couple weeks ago I made some batches of food up and it has been […]

Deciding on Dinner Meal Planning Busy Family Edition January 13-19

Food wise, last week went well. I pretty much stuck to my schedule, even when I didn’t feel like it. It’s getting harder to move around at dinner time and there’s no energy left to cook! As you can see, I’ve started making easier meals for the family. To me, right now, the most important […]

Deciding on Dinner Meal Planning Busy Family Edition January 6-12

I know, I know… I haven’t shared my meal plan in a month. The holidays took over for me and that was the end of any kind of organization or fun posts. I have my menu planned almost all the way up until baby comes. I have four meals left to plan and then a […]

Deciding on Dinner Meal Planning Busy Family Edition December 2-8

This past week was insanely busy and not in a good way. Too many things came up and I don’t even remember WHAT we ate in this house. I only ended up making 2 of the 5 recipes we had planned. Once again, I didn’t get to make my chicken burritos or Herbed Pork Chops. […]

Deciding on Dinner Meal Planning Busy Family Edition November 25-December 1

Planning has definitely been helping in my house. I may not make things on the day I said I was going to, but just knowing that I have everything needed in my house already to make the meal makes it so much easier to get in there and cook when I’m having a bad day. […]

Deciding on Dinner Meal Planning Busy Family Edition November 18-24

Last week’s meal planning went pretty well. I had a few unexpected things come up so I had to shuffle dinners around a bit. I still have three meals leftover that I didn’t make that I will move over to the next two weeks of planning. (I plan for two weeks at a time.) I […]

Deciding on Dinner Meal Planning Busy Family Edition November 11-17

In order to help us stay accountable, my friend Kim and I have decided to start sharing our menu plans with you. Hers is going to be more healthy lifestyle: mostly grain and gluten free and she’s currently doing a 21 day sugar detox. (AKA Paleo Edition) Mine is whatever I can handle cooking as […]

Menu Monday: August 27

It’s so nice that school is back in session! I’m finally catching up on things and getting life back in order. As you can tell, I actually made a menu plan for the coming week. I’m very excited to have a plan for us! It’s when I don’t have a plan that we end up […]

Menu Plan Monday June 4-10

I’m finally back on track! I can’t wait to try some of these recipes this coming week! It’s time to get serious about eating at home and trying to lose weight. You’ll notice these are not particularly healthy recipes, but dinner is my “splurge” meal. For the most part I’m doing a shake for breakfast […]

Menu Plan Monday March 19-25

I never got around to making a menu plan last week. I was floundering all week, too. I still need to finish posting all of my Outback recipes. They all turned out really well! Yesterday I decided to try an awesome garlic fries recipe. I loved it and will definitely make it again. The kids […]

Menu Plan Monday Mar 5- Mar 11

It’s been a few weeks since I made a menu plan. It’s nice to finally be getting caught back up! I’m trying all new recipes this week. Tuesday I’m making into an Outback at home night. I love Outback so I’m hoping to make everything at home and be able to enjoy it without the […]

Menu Plan Monday Feb 6- Feb 12

This is going to be a week of easy recipes because we have something going on pretty much every night. My favorite meal last week was the slow cooker french dip crescent rolls.  I also loved the taco bites, which I haven’t gotten a chance to post yet, but will this week. Monday-Pepperoni Chicken Tuesday– […]