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Deciding on Dinner: Meal Planning Busy Family Edition August 17-August 23



Before going on vacation I was doing great with menu planning. On the other hand, I wasn’t doing so great at grocery shopping! For some reason when I made my menu plan I didn’t get everything I needed on my grocery list. I’d go to make a meal and realize I was missing something. I even went to make something with ground beef and realized that I hadn’t frozen my beef and it was sitting in my extra fridge… a week past it’s date. GRRR!

We got home from vacation Thursday night and I spent a good amount of time Friday making sure everything got on my grocery list. I had a lot to stock up on since we were gone for a week. I got up at 5:30am Saturday morning and was to the grocery store by 6am. It’s so peaceful to me to shop that early in the morning. The only people you really run into are stockers (which can be a pain in the rear) and I don’t have 4 kids following me around asking for things or touching each other.







  • Party at a friends


  • Medieval Times with Cub Scouts

Do you have anything quick and easy on your dinner menu this week?

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  1. I really love how many people plan out their weeks meals! I think I’m getting inspired to do the same soon 🙂
    Alexandra @ My Urban Family´s last blog post ..Stress-Free Parking in Chicago

    • It really does make life a little easier. I know ahead of time to pull meat out of the freezer if needed. There’s no looking in the fridge and cabinets saying “I don’t know what to make” or “there’s nothing here”. (Assuming you do the proper shopping… which I think I actually did this week. Only time will tell.) 🙂