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Wordless Wednesday: Couponing Storage

I organized this area yesterday: Storage in laundry room Still have work to do on these 3 cabinets: Mostly Canned Food Storage Cereal, Hamburger Helper, Brownie & Cake Mixes, Boxed Potatoes and Snack Bars Same cabinet as above. Trying to show you depth. Lazy Susan Cabinet (Lazy is right, I really need to organize this […]

Frugal Friday

This is my first time taking part in Frugal Friday. It is put on by Life as Mom. She wants us to share a tip a week about what keeps us staying in the Black. I used to spend probably up to $600 a month on groceries and eating out for my family. I’m trying […]

Couponing Feb 27

Jewel I did 3 different transactions. Trans #1 $26.83 worth of groceries. Spent $13.71 OOP (used 1-.75 coupon, rest of savings preferred card) Got $12.50 back in Your Bucks CatalinasĀ 25% Savings! (not counting the catalinas for the future purchases) Trans #2 $ 139.84 worth of groceries. Spent $58.15 OOP (used $47.80 in coupons, $33.89 preferred […]

Couponing Feb 23

Today I hit up two different Walgreens to do the razor, Excedrin and Right Guard deals again. Walgreens Transaction #1 Gillette Fusion Power Razor $8.99-$4 mf-$4 RR= .99 Right Guard Deoderant B1G1F deal. $4.59-$2 mc= 2.59 or $1.29 each (Sale must have ended? I wish I would have noticed BEFORE I left the store!) šŸ™ […]

Couponing Feb 22: Fails and Scores

I went to a couponing class this weekend and was all excited to go coupon shopping this morning. I made a couple of beginner mistakes, but all in all I think I did ok. Walgreens Gillette Fusion Power Razor $8.99-$4 mf-$4 RR= .99 Venus Embrace Razor $8.99-$2 mc- $4 RR= $2.99Ā Ā $6.99 I forgot to do […]

Free Forum and Feature Friday – Couponing

This week I did my first coupon deal. I think I did pretty well. I got all of that for a total of $21.18! I saved $39.75! So I saved over 100%! Jewel was having a special on all items that were Box Tops for Education. The majority of items in the store that had […]