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Save Money Monday 4

This was an ok week for couponing. I went to to a total of 6 stores since Saturday and spent a total of $66.67. Three of those stores were not with coupons. One was Aldi where I stocked up on good priced produce,  one was Walmart to get the few things I couldn’t get while couponing and the other was Dunkin’ Donuts because Charlie needed more coffee. (Of course I remembered afterwards that I had a coupon for DD at home.) Less than $70 for a family of 5 for over a week’s worth of groceries isn’t too bad, though! I’ll share my couponing deals here:


Coupons, Chicago, TargetI was not very happy with the way Target does their addition on their receipts, plus the cashier left a $1 coupon off.

Shelf Cost $9.01
Store Discount $0
Coupons $7.02
Total $1.99
Total Savings $7.02 or 77.91%!


Chicago, Coupons, CVSI was able to use my extra care bucks from 2 weeks ago to get my water cases for .88 each. We plan on selling the bottles of water at our garage sale in a month or so. NICE profit margin 🙂

Shelf Cost $39.58
Store Discount $0
Coupons $28.84
Total $10.74
Total Savings $28.84 or 72.87%! (I also got $6.50 back in ECB)


Chicago, Coupons, Dominick'sI had a few more free coupons to blow through like: more soup, free Pullups and free Philly cream cheese. Also, don’t forget that today is the last day to enter for my Dominick’s Simple Nutrition Giveaway where you can win a $25 gift card.

Shelf Cost $54.88
Store Discount $8.44
Coupons $24.16
Total $22.28
Total Savings $32.60 or 59.4%! (I actually paid with a gift card, so it was FREE except for .65 out of pocket!!)


Coupons, Jewel, ChicagoI would have made it out slightly cheaper if someone hadn’t bought all the Brownie mixes (which I actually really needed.) I had to improvise and add in the powerades to make up my 10 items to get $5 off. The lady left off a .50 coupon, too. GRRR!

Shelf Cost $38.88
Store Discount $18.74
Coupons $3.50
Total $16.64
Total Savings $22.24 or 57.2%!

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