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Save Money Monday 5

There was really not a lot of couponing deals I wanted to do this week. The one I DID do, I screwed up and have to go back tonight to get the items exchanged.


Chicago Coupons
As you can see, I accidentally grabbed two different sized boxes of diapers. They were both supposed to be the big box and I had the cashier ring both off the big box. So I paid more than I should have! I’m going to take the smaller box back so I can exchange for the correct box. The only reason I bought the Cadbury eggs was because they were very cheap fillers that I could use my ECBs on.

Shelf Cost $42.00
Store Discount $0
Coupons $12.50
Total $29.50
Total Savings $12.50 or 29.76%!


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  1. Ok the Cadbury eggs CRACKED ME UP. Nothing goes with Pampers like Cadbury.