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Save Money Monday 3

Week 3 I went back to the grocery stores. There was a bunch of “free” stuff at Walgreen’s, but nothing I really wanted to hit. Today I went to Jewel and Dominick’s.


Chicago Couponing, Dominick's

I had a bunch of Healthy Harvest and Bumblebee coupons I decided to cash in today. I still have a few more of each left. The Bumblebee products will go to Church since we won’t eat them at our house. I’m giving Greek yogurt one more try since it was on my Just for U Savings to get it free. The cereal was .99 a box after coupons and we just needed eggs so I threw them in.

Shelf Cost $35.19
Store Discount $9.09
Coupons $22.73
Total $3.37
Total Savings $31.82 or 90.42%! (I actually paid with a gift card, so it was all FREE!)

Don’t forget, if you’re a Dominick’s or Safeway shopper that I have a giveaway going on for a $25 gift card! Check out my Simple Nutrition giveaway.


Chicago area couponing, Jewel

So I totally somehow screwed up my cereal deal, but oh well. Live and learn. I had free coupons for the cat food and Dean’s dip so I went ahead and got those today. Running low on kitty food. I wish I had a camera ready, because he grabbed a box of the food and was trying to jump off the table with it. It was too funny since the box is about as big as he is!

Shelf Cost $29.80
Store Discount $4.65
Coupons $14.23
Total $10.92
Total Savings $18.88 or 63.36%!

Just looking at my spreadsheet and so far for the month, my average savings is 63.25%. Not too bad!

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  1. Jennifer rentner says:

    WOW thats awesome where you finding your coupons……

    • The free coupons I got through the mail from trying different programs and stuff. Everything else was from the newspapers. The free cat food was in a paper insert.

  2. Shasta Walton says:

    It’s really amazing what you can save when you work at it.

  3. Love it… isn;t it awesome when you can save that much… good job 🙂

  4. i tried that greek yogurt..i think its too thick