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Ladybug Peanut Butter Balls

Spring Recipes, Wilton Candy Melts

Recipe adapted from Family Fun Magazine.


Spring Recipes, Wilton

  • 1/2 c creamy peanut butter
  • 3 T softened butter
  • 1 c powdered’ sugar
  • Junior Mints
  • 1 cup red candy chips (I used Wilton Candy Melts)
  • 1/2 c black candy chips (I used Wilton Candy Melts) or black decorator gel


  1. Mix the peanut butter, butter, and powdered sugar together until well blended. Roll the mixture into about balls using 1 T of mixture per ball.
  2. Place the balls on wax paper and gently flatten their bottoms. Or you can be like me and throw the balls at the wax paper so they have flat bottoms from hitting so hard. 🙂 Spring Recipes, Wilton Candy Melts
  3. Melt the red candy chips according to package directions.
  4. Dip your bug body into the red candy melts with a fork. Tap on the side of your bowl. Use your Junior Mint to push the body off the fork and it now becomes the head. Spring Recipes, Wilton Candy Melts
  5. Let your lady bugs harden. As they are hardening up, place your black chips into a pastry bag and melt in the microwave.
  6. Put a stripe down the back of the bug and dots.
  7. Let harden completely and if your bugs were all messy like mine, just break off the extra drizzles.

My family loved these little guys and could not get enough of them! My husband said they tasted like the peanut butter filling in the Girl Scout chocolate covered peanut butter cookies. Luckily they went fast and I only got 2. They’re not very Weight Watcher friendly!! (I made these before Lent, so I was able to have more than 1.) 😉 Spring Recipes, Wilton Candy Melts


Photos taken by Rob Krueger Photography.

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  1. Oh my how cute, I love these

  2. Abby will love these! Thanks for the recipe! Now. How do I talk you into making us some and delivering them here?

  3. this is adorable… I love it… thanks for sharing

  4. I think I am going to make these for my Grandma–ladybugs and peanut butter are her two favorite things. And these look delicious!!! Yum!

  5. Shasta Walton says:

    These are some of the cutest things I have ever seen! I’m not even sure I could eat them!

  6. these are adorable and look delic!!

  7. OMG- I love these- will be trying them!!! Thanks for the recipe

  8. Not only do those sounds good, but they’re adorable too. They would be perfect for a spring/summer birthday party.

  9. what a cute idea! what cute lady bugs! thx for the post–

  10. These are totally cute! Your instructions in step #2 had me rolling. Haha!

  11. Absolutely precious…
    love them!

  12. Those are SO cute! They look like they’d be decently easy to make too. I bet my DD would have a blast helping make them. 🙂

  13. I MUST make these! Oh my goodness! These are adorable and look so easy (and messy) to make. I love it! These are great for spring time too.

    My only problem would be finding the red chips. We don’t have a candy supply store local to me. I guess I’ll have to look online to see if I can order some.

    I love it!

    Thanks for posting this.

  14. I love this!! Charlotte wont eat peanut butter though…go figure.

    that girl is picky to the bone


  15. These are to adorable and I must make them. Thank you for such a terrific idea!! Thumbs up! 😉

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  21. Tracey Bland says:

    What do you think about freezing these? my daughter’s first birthday is this month…..we are having the party on the 22nd of April but I have 2 cakes to make, 24 cupcakes and upteen cookies to bake and decorate….not to mention all of the other prep work… how do you think these would freeze if I was to make them next week and freeze them for a week?

    • I have found when you freeze the candy melts that they sometimes come out of the freezer with white spots on them. They still taste fine, though.

  22. Laura Jacobson says:

    Oh these are so cute for spring! Carter would love them!

  23. These are the cutest things EVER! My kids would love these!

  24. Jenny Lang says:

    These are really adorable! I will attempt to make these tomorrow!