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24 Week Pregnancy Update

Not a whole lot has changed since my 22 Week update. I’m just trying to make it day by day. I go in next week for my 25 week appointment and then after that I go for my glucose screening; YUCK! My sister in law had her baby almost two weeks ago with the same […]

22 Weeks Pregnant and Gender Reveal!!

I can’t believe I’m at 22 weeks already. I also can’t believe it’s been 10 weeks since I have updated you. Wow, what a slacker! Not really, just been extremely busy. Ignore the quality of the photo over there. Part of the reason I haven’t updated is that it seems my husband is never around […]

12.5 Weeks Pregnant

I made it to 12 weeks! I’m starting to feel baby move a little more which is exciting! The nausea is starting to go away as long as I eat on a regular basis. I’m still pretty tired around lunch time each day and would like to take a nap. Having all three kids home […]

Pregnancy Update: Weeks 6-9

If you didn’t see my announcement post, I’m pregnant! I’m now about 9.5 weeks! On one hand it’s flying, but when I think about it every day, it sure feels like it’s dragging. 30 more weeks seems like forever! You can see my six week photo below. I didn’t take my eight week because I […]

I have an announcement!

That’s right! Baby number 4 is due January 28, 2014. I should probably not be announcing this until I see a doctor to confirm everything, but I’m sure for now. I took those tests last week and have since taken another and the lines are MUCH darker. I definitely FEEL pregnant. With how short on […]

Announcing my pregnancy- My Unexpected Moment! #sogoodsosweet

In August of 2004 my husband and I had to come up to Chicago for his sister’s wedding. (We were living in Kissimmee, FL at the time.) We were spending a week with the family to help prepare with the wedding, be a part of the wedding and then have some more vacation time afterwards. […]