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Wellness App for New and Expectant Mothers

Being pregnant or a new mom, you are likely tired! My baby is 17 weeks today and still waking 1-3 times a night to eat. I’m also a mom to 4 other kids. I’m TIRED! There is a new app that will help you get your energy back on a daily basis. The Johnson & Johnson […]

33 Weeks Pregnant with Gestational Diabetes

  About two weeks ago I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes. I changed my diet as soon as I found out and have been doing great overall. My average blood sugar reading for the past two weeks is 97. Up until Saturday, I hadn’t had a high blood sugar since the day before Halloween. I […]

I was diagnosed with Gestational Diabetes

Last week, the day before I turned 31 weeks I met with the doctor and found that I have Gestational Diabetes. I spent the whole day freaking out and crying. My mom was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes when I was very little. I watched her struggle my whole life with her health. We are […]

Baby #5 is on it’s way!

I don’t think I’ve officially announced it here, but we are expecting baby #5 at Christmas this year. Yes, my due date is Christmas Day!! We are very excited to add one more to our family. I would have loved to share a picture from my first ultrasound, but unfortunately my OB’s office didn’t email […]

5 Hair Health Tips for New Moms

Disclosure – this post contains affiliate links. These days, it’s easy to find information about hair care. The challenge is how to sort fact from fiction. Madison Reed is here to help! Dr. Jan Hansen, a board certified OB/GYN, explains the science behind common questions and popular hair tips so we can all make better […]

The Stork- Helping with Fertility Issues at Home

This post was sponsored by The Stork and The Motherhood. All opinions are my own. If you’re a normal visitor to my blog, you’re probably wondering why I’m talking about infertility when I have four kids. We’ve always wanted a large family and decided we wanted them close together. When Buddy was 3 months old […]

Welcome Quinn Elizabeth!

So I haven’t updated since I was 38 weeks pregnant. On January 24, 2014 we got up bright and early and headed to the hospital to welcome our baby girl. Luckily nothing ever came of all the headaches I was having or the protein in my urine for the two weeks heading up to the […]

My Babies: “Little Man” David Patrick

Our #3, my baby for the past 5 years, is “Little Man” or David Patrick. He was born 1/18/09 at 10:01 pm at 8 lbs 15 oz and 20.3″ long. He was my most difficult pregnancy. I swear at every appointment they found something that “could be” wrong with him. They told me at one […]

My Babies: “Monkey” Cadence Theresa

Our “Monkey” is Cadence Theresa and she was born on 5/11/07. I was planning to have a VBAC with her, but due to an ultrasound at 37 weeks, we switched over to a c-section because the ultrasound said she was already over 7 pounds. The hospital in Florida wouldn’t allow me to attempt to vbac […]

My Babies: “Buddy” Gabriel Charles

I don’t normally share names of the kids on my blog, but they are here in places if people wanted to find them. The kiddo that I call Buddy, his name is Gabriel Charles. He has an awesome birthday of 05/05/05! We found out we were having him when we were visiting Chicago for his […]

38 Week Pregnancy Update

Well, yesterday I hit 38 weeks. After the weekend I had, I really wished I didn’t hit 38 weeks! Last Thursday I went in for my weekly doctor appointment and they found protein in my urine. They sent me for blood work and a 24 hour urine test. (That means collecting your urine in a […]

36 Week Pregnancy Update

36 weeks! We are getting down to the end. Finally! I haven’t updated since 32 weeks but it feels like it’s been a lot longer. I can’t believe I made it through hosting Christmas dinner for near 30 people at my house. It was an extremely long day on my feet but it turned out […]

32 Weeks Pregnancy Update

Now that Thanksgiving is over, the time is FLYING! I got a call today from the OB office telling me my c-section is scheduled. ACK It’s becoming real! This week has been all about getting ready for Christmas and her. We got the girls’ room set up finally. The crib is up and mattress is […]

28 Week Pregnancy Update

I haven’t updated since #24Weeks. Overall I’m doing ok. Baby girl has some major karate chops going on in there! I’ve been dealing with some weird shoulder pain and I’m not sure if it’s from the way I sleep or if I did something. It’s been going on for about two weeks now and some […]

Premama Essentials Review and Giveaway

Note: I was sent a 30 day supply of Premama to review. No money exchanged hands and all opinions are my own. If you’re like me with this pregnancy, the thought and smell of regular vitamins makes you gag. It’s enough for me to get my husband’s vitamins together in the morning. There’s no way […]