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Wellness App for New and Expectant Mothers

7 Minute Wellness App

Being pregnant or a new mom, you are likely tired! My baby is 17 weeks today and still waking 1-3 times a night to eat. I’m also a mom to 4 other kids. I’m TIRED! There is a new app that will help you get your energy back on a daily basis. The Johnson & Johnson 7 Minute Wellness for Expecting and New MomsTM gives you short, daily workouts and stress management to help you feel better.


Johnson and Johnson App Disclosure

Before you ever get started with the app they have a nice disclosure because they care about your safety. Remember before starting any kind of exercising while pregnant or after having a baby that you talk to your healthcare provider to make sure it is safe for you to jump in! No one wants you or your baby to get hurt.

When Was Baby Born

When you set up the app it asks you when your baby is due or when baby was born. Once you have that set up you will get to choose if you want to start with a 7 Minute Workout or a Mind & Body Session. Today I chose the 7 minute workout to give it a try.

How Do you feel today

The Johnson & Johnson 7 Minute Wellness for Expecting and New MomsTM asks you how you are feeling before you start your session so that it can customize your experience. Of course I was feeling tired when it asked me. I’ve not only been dealing with baby getting up overnight still, but I’ve been sick for a week and it’s just draining me.


I loved how easy the exercises are that they walk you through. They were a lot of stretches and just those little movements really helped to get my blood flowing and make me feel more away and energized. I know I’m going to continue to use this app every morning as part of my morning routine to help me wake up and get ready to go for the day. I like that it doesn’t take long but can make a nice impact on the way you feel.

Whether it’s staying mindful, getting exercise, or simply increasing your wellness, keeping yourself energized is extremely important during and after pregnancy. The newly launched Johnson & Johnson 7 Minute Wellness for Expecting and New MomsTM App aims to help you manage and expand your energy, so you can be at your best for baby, and you. The app, available on iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and Android devices, offers personalized sessions to help new and expecting moms expand and manage their energy. These include 7 Minute Workout sessions that are customized to the mom’s week of pregnancy or postnatal phase, individual fitness and energy levels, or any physical discomfort she may be experiencing.

Do you have any tricks to help keep your energy up while pregnant or post-natal?

Note: I have partnered with Johnson & Johnson to try out this app and let you know my personal feelings about it. All opinions are my own.

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