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Deciding on Dinner: Meal Planning Busy Family Edition August 17-August 23

  Before going on vacation I was doing great with menu planning. On the other hand, I wasn’t doing so great at grocery shopping! For some reason when I made my menu plan I didn’t get everything I needed on my grocery list. I’d go to make a meal and realize I was missing something. […]

Deciding on Dinner Meal Planning Busy Family Edition July 27-August 2

Yes! I am finally working on getting my life in order, which has been a few week process. I’ve already almost successfully finished one week of meal planning and really want to stay on task and continue to plan every week. My husband wants me to just create a rotating schedule but I like change […]

Pork Chops with fresh cherry sauce

Here’s another yummy recipe using fresh, home grown cherries. I am no where near running out of cherries, either. I have four bags still in the fridge to be pitted and frozen and 1.5 trees full of cherries. Anyone want to come pick some?! I really liked the sauce over the pork chops, with or […]

Making Mashed Potatoes #KidsInTheKitchen

It’s amazing how after two weeks of featuring the kids in the kitchen how much they’ve become more independent and helpful in the kitchen. Little Man has been getting his own orange juice and this morning Monkey begged me to allow her to make breakfast for everyone (cereal.) Buddy didn’t want cereal so he reheated […]

Homemade Chinese night

About a week ago I was craving Chinese. I knew I had a few recipes saved in Pinterest, so I headed over to see what I had.  I had saved a recipe from a blog called Life as a Lofthouse for baked sweet and sour chicken. She also had a recipe for fried rice, so […]

Homemade Tacos #Recipes

Tonight I made tacos from recipes at Simply Clean Cuisine. The ingredients I used were not necessarily clean, but these recipes make great homemade meals! I used Kim’s taco seasoning and flour tortilla recipes. I’m going to share the recipe here the way I made it for the tortillas. You can click on over to […]

Cooking Light: Pepperoni Chicken #Recipe

My friend Kim found this recipe in the Cooking Light magazine and recommended it to me. I think next time I’d rather pound my chicken down a little (I used Market Day prepacked chicken breasts) and I’d really like more pepperoni in the recipe. Although it’s supposed to be light, so I guess adding more […]

Black Bean Quesadilla

My roommate found these on AllRecipes and made them last night for dinner. They are delicious! I just reheated one for lunch. (Not quite as good the next day, but still yummy.) They are very filling! Normally when I have a quesadilla I could eat more than one. Not with these! Definitely give them a try. […]

Crockpot Whole Chicken

When I was doing my regular blog visiting from favorite blogging forum one day, I stumbled across my friend Julie’s recipe for a whole chicken in a crockpot. I would have never thought to try it. It’s a very simple recipe. I made just a few changes from Julie’s, but not much. Whole Chicken in […]

Stromboli Recipe

I got this recipe from Dine Without Whine; it’s a menu planning website. Christine has some good recipes on her menus and they’re all pretty quick and easy to prepare. I’m really enjoying my membership to her site. Not only do you get a weekly menu, but you get the shopping list that’s already categorized […]