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Blue and Gold 2016

Last weekend my oldest son became a Boy Scout. I can’t believe that my little baby is now a big boy! We celebrated at his Blue and Gold Ceremony. My husband and I aren’t just parents of a scout, we are active in the Cub Scout Pack. My husband is the Committee Chair and I […]

Race Car Cookies

My kids attend AWANA every week and really have a great time learning Bible verses.  Once a year, the kids have the option to participate in a Pine Car Derby Race.  Most of the kids opt-in and create fantastic cars.  A snack is always served on race night.  In the past we’ve served either hot […]

Cub Scout Pinewood Derby Treats

Pinewood Derby is just around the corner for our pack. I can’t believe it’s already halfway through January. My boy is a Webelos 1 so his Cub Scout career is quickly coming to a close. Luckily I won’t be done with Cub Scouts for a while since Little Man starts his career in June. One […]

Week 2 of Summer Vacation

Let me tell you, I’m looking forward to July. July for me means some breathing time, time to work, a break! We have been going non-stop since the kids got out of school on the 3th. First my husband got to take Buddy to a Cubs game thanks to Score Big. Buddy was so excited […]

My Boys Participated in St Baldrick’s

Last year my husband and son got involved with St. Baldrick’s through Cub Scouts. I had heard of it but didn’t know what it was before they did it. Last year I still didn’t really GET it since they decided last minute to take part and we only donated enough ourselves so that they would […]

Rain Gutter Regatta Cake

Two weekends ago our Cub Scout Pack had it’s Blue and Gold Ceremony. We always hold a cake auction as well. I try to keep my cakes Cub Scout themed. Year one I made a camping cake and last year I made a Pinewood Derby Cake. This year I was having a hard time coming […]

Kids in the Kitchen- Earning Rank in Cub Scouts

Last weekend I went through my son’s Bear workbook to figure out what he needed to do to complete rank before his Blue and Gold ceremony next month. He had one chapter on cooking. He had a few activities he had to do to complete the achievement. He needed to help make a meal, make […]

Wordless Wednesday: Rain Gutter Regatta 2013