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Wordless Wednesday Hawaiian Flower Wedding Cake

My friends got married last weekend and had an Island themed wedding, so I made them a Hawaiian Flower wedding cake. It’a a marble cake with real buttercream icing and gel hand painted flowers.

Flowers After the Rain

I pulled out my 50mm lens to mess around with getting some pictures of my flowers and plants.  We have Day Lilies everywhere! There is definitely a lot of bright and yellow in front of our house right now!  We also have one plant of these Day Lilies. I wish we had more of them, […]

Mostly Wordless Wednesday: Weekend in Review

We had a non-stop weekend. I just don’t have pictures of everything to show you. It was a 4 day weekend, but I have nothing to show for Monday since we stayed home all day. Friday We had our HEXBUG party during the day then went to Grandma’s to play Legos and then went to dinner […]

Wordless Wednesday: Halloween Cookie Fail

Ok, so this will be almost wordless Wednesday. When getting ready for the Raingutter Regatta, I had to bring a treat to sell at the concession stand. I wanted to make something fun that people don’t always see. So I found these really cute swirled Halloween cookies. This is how they SHOULD have looked: My reality […]

Wordless Wednesday: Rain Gutter Regatta 2013

Wordless Wednesday: Cub Scout Cake Auction Pinewood Derby Cake

Wordless Wednesday: Breakfast on the Edge

Wordless Wednesday: Tball player

Wordless Wednesday: Fun on the Beach

Wordless Wednesday: Vacation Dinner at Sunset

Here is our first dinner in our vacation home from Global Resort Homes. So nice to be able to cook and not spend a fortune on meals!

Wordless Wednesday: Birthday Kids

Wordless Wednesday: Crazy Bloggers #GulfCoast #Brandcation

Wordless Wednesday: My Scentsy Party Spread

Wordless Wednesday: Easter Photo Shoot

Wordless Wednesday: Meet Sue