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Getting our Science groove on with Netflix and ProjectMC2

One of the things my kids love about homeschooling is doing Science projects. This month Netflix sent us a few fun science experiments to try out in honor of the new show Project Mc². Project Mc² is a fresh take on the typical tween girl show you’re probably familiar with. The series has S.T.E.A.M. (Science, Technology, […]

Kids in the Kitchen: Celery by Midnight

We actually did this project a few weeks ago, but I’ve been a little behind getting them up. This was a fun project to check out at the end, but pretty boring to do. I think my celery wasn’t fresh enough and I also didn’t have celery with leaves so we didn’t get to see […]

Soap Powered Boat: Kids in the Kitchen

Homeschool science is definitely giving me some stuff to write about for Kids in the Kitchen on Fridays! We didn’t actually do this experiment because my sink was full of dishes, but it can be done in a large bowl, your kitchen sink, your bathtub…anywhere you can hold some water. Learn below how to make […]

Kids in the Kitchen: Red Cabbage Chemistry

With homeschool, we get to try some fun science experiments and they normally center around the kitchen. Little Man’s Science is ALL experiments. I was supposed to do this lesson 3 weeks ago, but I didn’t read ahead to see I needed red cabbage and then we hadn’t been to the store in the past two […]

Enhance your Homeschool Science with an Eitech Space Shuttle

This is our second week of homeschool and Buddy’s first section in Science is the solar system. What better to imagine going to space to see the stars than to pretend you are flying on a space shuttle. (Too bad our children can’t ever go on a shuttle to space.) I was given the chance […]

St Louis Science Center

Yesterday when we got up, we didn’t know what we were going to do in the morning but when my friend got in the car with us she said “Let’s check out the Science Center.” I did a quick lookup on my phone to see what it cost and was pleasantly surprised that again St […]