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Celebrate Spring with Dirt Pudding

Do you know what Sunday is? Besides my birthday (and my husband’s) it’s the first day of Spring! Hooray! Time to let the kids outside to play during the day without bundling up in 20 layers. Reading our family reading out on the porch. Letting Quinn run and play in the backyard where she loves […]

Dirt Cake for National Gummy Worm Day

Did you know that today is National Gummy Worm day? When I told Monkey she said “Does that mean I get to eat gummy worms all day?” Um, no! We did make this fun dessert together this morning that we will have with dinner tonight. I decided that dirt cake would be a great way to […]

Homemade Rice Pudding Made with Lactaid Milk

Note:  I received compensation from The Motherhood and Lactaid to be a part of this campaign. All opinions are my own. Back in May I talked about how I took part in a webinar with Melissa d’ Arabian, to learn more about LACTAID® Products. I let you know that both my son and Father-in-law have lactose intolerance issues. I […]

Lucky Leaf Layers of Love Strawberry-Choco Trifle

Lucky Leaf wanted me to try out one of their Valentine’s Day inspired recipes. I decided to try their Layers of Love Cherry-Choco Trifle. I didn’t have all the right ingredients so I substituted a few things. We used my cherry pie filling to make slow cooker cherry crisp last week. So I substituted strawberry instead […]

Taste-Test Tuesday- Leftover Rice Pudding

Ever wonder what to do with all the leftover rice from eating out at Chinese? I always order fried rice and they still send me home a ton of white rice. I decided to find a recipe to make some Rice Pudding out of it. I found the recipe here. Leftover Rice Rice Pudding 2 […]