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Hot Chocolate Ice Cream

Here it is the middle of February and I am dreaming of spring and summer. I’m tired of being cold here in the midwest! I’m dreaming of days when the kids can go out and play so I can have some quiet in my house. As a homeschool mom, I don’t get silence very often. […]

Lucky Leaf Layers of Love Strawberry-Choco Trifle

Lucky Leaf wanted me to try out one of their Valentine’s Day inspired recipes. I decided to try their Layers of Love Cherry-Choco Trifle. I didn’t have all the right ingredients so I substituted a few things. We used my cherry pie filling to make slow cooker cherry crisp last week. So I substituted strawberry instead […]

Strawberry Whipped Sensation #Recipe #SafewayDairy

I was recently given a challenge to come up with a dairy recipe to bring on a picnic with us for National Dairy Month and Safeway. I found this recipe somehow and kept it in ones I wanted to try. When I got this challenge, I decided I’d try this recipe out! Recipe adapted from […]