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Weekend Recap Oct 25-27

I’ve decided that I don’t share enough of what’s going on with us here, so I’m going to try to start doing weekend recaps so you get a little insight into our crazy lives. This past weekend was insanely busy, as always. Friday night started out the weekend with the kids going back to piano […]

Pretty Muddy Run Discount

I never got a chance to tell you about it last year, but I ran the Pretty Muddy 5k Run in Chicago last year. It was a complete blast and I can’t wait until September to run it again. The run includes mud and climbing obstacles through out the 5k course that make it more […]

I’m a #Shaklee180 Blogger!

I am excited to find out that I got an ambassadorship to be a #Shaklee180 Blogger! Over 450 people applied and I was one of the 90 women chosen. I’m really excited to be a part of this campaign with my buddy Sara. A little update on where I am from my last competition: Since […]

A little more about me

I know that I posted the A-Z post last week about myself, but I found these questions on Sara and Melinda’s sites and wanted to answer them as well: 1. WERE YOU NAMED AFTER ANYONE? I was named after my God parents: Paul and Jean. I was almost named Macintosh if I was a boy. 2. […]

ABC about Me!

I was blog hopping and found that my friends Leah and Bobbie had done an ABC posts about themselves so I figured I’d do the same since I don’t write a lot of personal things anymore. A- A is for animals. When growing up, my Dad was a naturalist for a campground and we would take care of […]

Little Man turned 4! An Angry Birds Party

This past weekend was one full of parties! My Little Man, my baby, turned 4 on Friday. We started off the day by heading to Dunkin Donuts for the kids as we were running late that morning. Little Man and I had to run some errands after that and ended up at Chili’s for lunch; […]

Family Meals at the holidays

I remember as I was growing up that my favorite smell in the world was Thanksgiving and Christmas when my mom would be cooking in the kitchen. Still to this day whenever I cook pork sausage it brings me back to those days. My mom made her turkey stuffing with pork sausage in it. This […]

Bye Bye Baby Kitties!

I never did update you about my cat, who I thought was pregnant. At the time that I wrote that post, I noticed that Ginger’s belly had been growing but I didn’t feel any movement. That was back in August. Since then, she ran away for a week and came back. She was most definitely […]

Being a Mom is Busy Work! #GoodnessToGo

Being a mom to three is busy work! The crazy thing is, we’re debating adding a #4! So far our youngest isn’t doing a lot of activities. He has gymnastics once a week during school hours, so there’s not a lot of running around for him.  Buddy, on the other hand. He’s my schedule hog! […]

In Memory of Safa: Safa’s Smile Myasthenia Gravis Fundraiser Walk

Last weekend while hanging out with some girlfriends at Six Flags we got some awful news. Our friend’s daughter, Safa, was in the hospital in critical condition. She was 6.5 years old. Safa had a condition called Myasthenia Gravis. It attacks the muscles in your body and weakens then. As you can see in Safa’s picture on the […]

My dog Sarah and Cesar Savory Delights #ShareTheJoy @CesarCuisine

Our dog, Sarah, is our first baby. I got her almost 12 years ago. It’s easy to remember, unfortunately, because I got her a few days before my Mom died. The day I got her I was passing by a puppy store and decided to stop in. I walked in and asked what their cheapest […]

First Day of School

Today was the first day of school for my kiddos. I can’t believe that Monkey had full day school already. This is the first year our district is doing full day kindergarten. I met her teacher last night and she seems very enthusiastic and excited. She looked a little tired leaving the class today, though. […]

Change the Cycle

This is a little personal and a little embarrassing to write this post.  Before I started having kids, I had heavy periods but from what I can tell from Change the Cycle, it was nothing compared to some women! I had debilitating cramps that would leave me in bed for 1-2 days. Things calmed down a lot once […]

Pantry Update

You may remember last month I posted for the whole world to see how horrible my pantry looked. I’m going to remind you with a before picture to the left here. It actually got worse before it got better! I was getting ready to leave for my trip to Kentucky and was actually tripping on items that had […]

Vow Renewal?

When Charlie and I got married, we couldn’t afford the best or most beautiful rings. I love the set we got because it matches and I love the way it catches the light. Some day I know he’d like to replace my engagement ring. I’d actually just like a nice diamond set into the ring I have. […]