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Get your kids saving with the Piggy Bank Book

As a parent, it is my job to make sure my kids are set up for the future. One of the things we as parents need to do is to be sure our children know how to take care of finances in the future. One tool you can use to do that is The Piggy […]

Small Business Options

Have you ever thought about owning your own Small Business? My husband is always thinking up new, exciting businesses to start. He has one idea he keeps coming back to again and again, but we need capital to get it started with a small business loan. In the meantime, I’m doing some small businesses to […]

5 Money Saving Ideas Exemplified in the Kitchen

You may not realize how many distinct practices you have in the kitchen, and you may be surprised at how well they can relate to your finances. Below are five money saving ideas that are exemplified in the kitchen. Have a Plan A successful meal begins with a plan. There are a number of ingredients […]

Earn Money with SurveySpot

Money is tight for a lot of people right now and a lot of us don’t have the time or ability to go get another job. Maybe you just want to earn some fun spending cash. I like having extra money in my pocket to be able to treat the kids to ice cream after […]

Virtual Piggy

Last month when I was downtown Chicago for a certain conference, I was invited to a breakfast with Virtual Piggy where we talked about money and kids. It’s amazing how many different opinions each parent has on whether or not kids should get allowance and such. In our house we have a chore system for […]

Sears Personal Shopper Program in time for #BlackFriday #PersonalShopper

Do you plan on Black Friday shopping? There’s now a cool way to make Black Friday Shopping a little easier. You can now shop with Sears Personal Shopper Program by Shop Your Way Rewards. With the Personal Shopper Program you can make lists of things you want to buy for others or things you may even want […]

$50 Early Bird Credit with Paybox

Are you tired of Paypal and Revolution Money Exchange being the only ways online to pay for items? Here comes PayBox. Paybox is still in it’s early stages, still designing and such. They’re willing to give you a $50 credit if you sign up now! You can also earn $5 a person that signs up […]

Allowance Manager Review

Do you need a place to track your children’s allowance? Check out Allowance Manager. Allowance Manager is a site that gives you easy access to tracking allowance for your kids. You can set up what they get automatically each week along with individual credits and debits. When you log in you get an overview of […]

Mailbox Monday April 5

I’m participating in Mailbox Monday from It’s a place for me to show you all the fun freebies I got in my mailbox the past week. I had a great week! I got my first rebate in the mail, woo!! Reading Material Kiwi Magazine Free items 2 Rainbow Brite CDs. I won them from […]