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Impress with this simple yet tasty veggie menu

Note: Content provided on behalf of our site partner Vegetarian cooking is not the struggle it once was. Whether you’re having a feast with your veggie friends or are new to the catering for a vegetarian diet, it’s now simple to impress guests with your non-carnivorous repertoire. There are plenty of great ingredients out there and, […]

Menu Monday: August 27

It’s so nice that school is back in session! I’m finally catching up on things and getting life back in order. As you can tell, I actually made a menu plan for the coming week. I’m very excited to have a plan for us! It’s when I don’t have a plan that we end up […]

Menu Plan Monday June 4-10

I’m finally back on track! I can’t wait to try some of these recipes this coming week! It’s time to get serious about eating at home and trying to lose weight. You’ll notice these are not particularly healthy recipes, but dinner is my “splurge” meal. For the most part I’m doing a shake for breakfast […]

Menu Plan Monday March 19-25

I never got around to making a menu plan last week. I was floundering all week, too. I still need to finish posting all of my Outback recipes. They all turned out really well! Yesterday I decided to try an awesome garlic fries recipe. I loved it and will definitely make it again. The kids […]

Menu Plan Monday Mar 5- Mar 11

It’s been a few weeks since I made a menu plan. It’s nice to finally be getting caught back up! I’m trying all new recipes this week. Tuesday I’m making into an Outback at home night. I love Outback so I’m hoping to make everything at home and be able to enjoy it without the […]

Menu Plan Monday Feb 6- Feb 12

This is going to be a week of easy recipes because we have something going on pretty much every night. My favorite meal last week was the slow cooker french dip crescent rolls.  I also loved the taco bites, which I haven’t gotten a chance to post yet, but will this week. Monday-Pepperoni Chicken Tuesday– […]

Menu Plan Monday Jan 30-Feb 5

I did pretty well on last week’s menu plan. I only missed one night because we went out with the family to dinner. I made the pepperoni and cheese croissants, slow cooker ranch chicken, and the breakfast egg and sausage gravy bowls.  I didn’t bother with the stuffed bread for lunch on Saturday because we […]

Menu Plan Monday Jan 23-29

Last week I did so-so on my menu plan. I did ok the first two days and then I’m not sure what happened. I made the Beef Stroganoff and Stuffed Meatballs. I didn’t get around to either of the breakfast items I wanted to try. I was talking to my friend Kim this weekend at Kenmore […]

Menu Plan Monday Jan 16-22

I did great sticking to my menu last week. There was only one night I didn’t make dinner and that was on my chicken soup night. We got pizzas instead. Of course now I wish I’d made the soup since I’m sick. I take that back, I also didn’t make the black bean quesadillas on […]

Menu Plan Monday Jan 9-15

I stuck to my menu pretty darn well last week. I had a couple meal fails, though. My slow cooker mac and cheese was too bland because I didn’t use a sharp enough cheese. My fried fish, the batter fell off and was just an oily, icky mess. The crockpot potato soup, though, was AWESOME! […]

Menu Plan Monday Jan 2-8

I haven’t done a Menu Monday since March! New Year, time to be more organized! Monday-Tacos Tuesday- Slow Cooker Potato Soup Wednesday- Batter Fried Fish and Tater Tots Thursday- Crockpot Mac & Cheese Friday- Stromboli & Salad Saturday- Crockpot Ham with garlic mashed potatoes and green beans Sunday- Parmesan Chicken & Broccoli If these recipes […]

Menu Monday August 16-23

Monday- Tacos Tuesday- Pasta Salad Wednesday- Chicken Nuggets Thursday- Grilled Cheese Friday- Quesadillas Saturday- Grilled Burgers and Hot Dogs Sunday- Chicken Alfredo

Menu Monday July 19-25

At the end of this week I’ll be in New Orleans at Bloggers on Bourbon July 23-25!!! I can not wait!! So the meals you see at the end of the week are freezer meals that hubby can throw in the oven and eat easily without having to cook with kids under foot. Monday- Cream […]

Menu Monday 7/12-7/18

Last time I did a Menu Monday was back in March! Time to get on the ball again. I need to make up some extra meals as well since I’ll be in New Orleans at Bloggers on Bourbon July 23-25!!! Monday- Grilled Cheese & Soup Tuesday- Chicken Alfredo Wednesday- Scrambled Eggs and Hot Dogs Thursday- […]

Menu Monday: March 8-14th

I haven’t done a Menu Monday in about a month! Seeing that I made a pledge to make 3 from scratch meals a week I decided to go back to my menu planning to keep myself accountable. Monday- Eat out, friend in town Tuesday- Country Bob’s Camping Silver Treasure Chests (burgers with veggies in the middle […]