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The Young Messiah Movie Giveaway

Just in time for Easter, the Young Messiah comes out in theaters today! I don’t share my faith a whole lot on the blog, but this movie excites me! I would like to find the time to take my husband to go see this movie before Easter. As parents, it’s not always easy to teach […]

Jesus Heals Our Hearts Craft

Jesus Heals Our Hearts Art What You’ll Need: Cardstock Markers Band-Aids Scissors Instructions: Take one piece of cardstock and fold it in half ‘hamburger style’ Cut out a half a heart. This could be penciled on first, if it makes it easier Open the heart and write ‘Jesus Heals Our Hearts’ Place Band-Aids anywhere on […]

Left Behind Movie is Coming

When I was in my early twenties, my work friend introduced me to the Left Behind series of books. I immediately couldn’t get enough of the series, but unfortunately not all the books had been released at that time. I hated always waiting for the next book to come out! I watched the version of […]

Wee Believers Easter Magnet Book #Review

I was asked to choose one of Wee Believers Easter products to review for you. Wee Believers is a Christian based company that creates Faith based toys for children to play with and learn from. FAITH CAN BE FUN. Toys from Wee Believers® speak to the most important aspect of children’s lives…their faith. From puzzles to […]