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Salted Caramel Coconut Bars

I’m sure I’ve mentioned this before, but my all time favorite dessert item is caramel. It doesn’t even have to be in dessert. Put it in coffee, on my apples, on a spoon…. This is a recipe for Salted Caramel Coconut Bars and it is a nice bar that can be served as dessert or with […]

Cadbury Caramel Brownie Skillet

When it comes to caramel, it is my kryptonite! Give me anything that has caramel and I’m in heaven! My mom used to love the original Cadbury egg, but I can’t eat them because they cause a headache for me. When Cadbury came out with the caramel egg, though… yum!! 5 from 3 votes Print […]

Salted Caramel and Chocolate Chex Mix {Gluten Free}

The other day I was looking for ideas for things to put in a trail mix. I wanted to make a trail mix for my kids, because we are always so busy after school until bedtime with all the sports and scouts we are in. I wanted something I can throw in baggies and let […]

KITK: Chewy Caramel Chip Cookies

I haven’t spent much time in the kitchen with kids lately. If I’m in there, it’s to get food made or to clean and it has to be done quickly, before baby wakes up. Yesterday, though, I was craving cookies and Little Man walked in while I was making them and asked if he could […]

Caramel Heath Crunch Cookies #25DaysofCookies #25DaysofChristmas

Day 20! 5 more days, FIVE MORE DAYS! Are you ready?! I’m not! I’m so excited, though, because it’s my husband’s last day of work for a week. I’m looking forward to having him home all day for a week while we work on the house together and get ready for Christmas. We have so […]

Everything Cookies Recipe

Day 15 of the 25 Days of Christmas. 10 Days until Christmas. Where did this month go? It’s hard to write an upbeat post right now seeing the events of yesterday’s shooting in CT. I’m hugging my kids and spending the weekend baking with them, enjoying as much of every moment with them as I […]

Rolo Snickerdoodle Cookie Recipe

Day 12! Only 13 days til Christmas! Yesterday I battled a major migraine that turned me into a not so nice person. Praying I don’t have a repeat today. I’m suddenly feeling a little off in the head. (I know, that doesn’t sound right!) I got my exercise in hoping it’d help with today. Today’s […]

Frozen Caramel Coffee #Recipe #IcedDelight

 I was asked to create a cool recipe with International Delight’s new Iced Coffee. My newest obsession is frozen caramel coffee so I tried to recreate it. It’s super easy to make. I have to say it’s pretty close to the donut shop brand that I get except the coffee is stronger than I like. […]

Caramel Surprise Cookie #Recipe

My friend Di makes these and I love them. I made them today and yum!! As you can see, I had a little helper this time. He LOVES to bake with me. Letting the kids help is a great way to spend one on one time with them, and it teaches them how to count, […]