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Celebrate July 4th with Outback Steakhouse

Note: I received a gift card from Outback Steakhouse in exchange for this post. All opinions are my own.  How do you celebrate Independence Day? Before last year, we would go to a parade in the morning and usually cook out with the inlaws in the afternoon, sometimes followed by trying to watch fireworks somewhere. […]

On the Go Breakfast! #BreakfastSavings #cbias

Are your mornings hectic? I don’t know how, but mine become that way every day. We all get up early enough, yet it never fails that I’m yelling by 8:50 “why aren’t you in socks and shoes? The bell rings in 5 minutes!” My morning routine goes as follows: I get my husband ready which […]

Disney on Ice Treasure Trove #Coupon

Do your kids love Disney? I know mine do. Well Disney on Ice Treasure Trove is coming to the Allstate Arena in the Chicago area September 13-16. You can save 40% on weekday tickets and 20% with the coupon code MOM3. Discover endless riches when Disney On Ice presents Treasure Trove comes to your hometown! […]

Save Money Monday 7

I think I had a very good couponing week this week!! Walgreen’s Walgreen’s wasn’t the most fun trip of the week but I was able to get $4 back that I could use at Jewel today. Shelf Cost $20.32 Store Discount $3.00 Coupons $10.12 Total $7.20 Total Savings $13.12 or 64.57%! Plus $4 Register Rewards […]

Save Money Monday 6

Got some really good couponing deals this week. The kids and I hit 5 stores today. Two were not for couponing. I went to Trader Joe’s to get my favorite Orange Chicken and some steel cut oats to make crockpot oatmeal. The other non-couponing trip was Wal-Mart to pick up whatever I couldn’t get while […]

Save Money Monday 5

There was really not a lot of couponing deals I wanted to do this week. The one I DID do, I screwed up and have to go back tonight to get the items exchanged. CVS As you can see, I accidentally grabbed two different sized boxes of diapers. They were both supposed to be the […]

Save Money Monday 4

This was an ok week for couponing. I went to to a total of 6 stores since Saturday and spent a total of $66.67. Three of those stores were not with coupons. One was Aldi where I stocked up on good priced produce,  one was Walmart to get the few things I couldn’t get while […]

Save Money Monday 3

Week 3 I went back to the grocery stores. There was a bunch of “free” stuff at Walgreen’s, but nothing I really wanted to hit. Today I went to Jewel and Dominick’s. Dominick’s: I had a bunch of Healthy Harvest and Bumblebee coupons I decided to cash in today. I still have a few more […]

Save Money Monday 2

Week 2 was not a great week to go couponing. Not a whole lot of deals out there. None that I wanted to go after at grocery stores. So I only hit up CVS and Walgreen’s this week. I was running low on detergent and shampoo so I was scouting out the best deals I […]

Save Money Monday 1

I decided I was going to get back into couponing starting TODAY! So I went out to my garage and brought in all the newspapers that have been piling up for almost 3 months. After that I took about an hour and went through Jill Cataldo’s site looking at this week’s deals. There were a […]

Spark Energy and Pump It Up President’s Day Promo!

Chicago-area residents now have the opportunity to CHOOSE an energy provider! Spark Energy is a multi-state provider of low-cost electric service offering significant long-term savings to current ComEd customers. Learn more at . To Celebrate, Spark Energy in Chicago Offers a FREE Session of Jumping Fun at Pump It Up! This President’s Day – Monday, […]

Veggie Tales Discount

Today and tomorrow, all DVDs and CDs are 30% off at Big Idea. Also, all orders over $30 qualify for free shipping!

Frugal Friday Oct 8

I’m finally jumping back into Frugal Friday. It is put on by Life as Mom. She wants us to share a tip a week about what keeps us staying in the Black. It feels good to get back to couponing. I didn’t go all out this week. I went to two stores: Dominick’s and Jewel. […]

SavvyCents Review & Giveaway

Savvy Cents Melinda over at SavvyCents has created a wallet for those that use the envelope cash system. Savvycents was first formed in January of 2009 after Melinda Claudpierre read a book about becoming debt free and following the cash envelope system of budgeting. Frustrated with paper envelopes and disorganization with her wallet, she wanted […]

Wordless Wednesday: Couponing Storage

I organized this area yesterday: Storage in laundry room Still have work to do on these 3 cabinets: Mostly Canned Food Storage Cereal, Hamburger Helper, Brownie & Cake Mixes, Boxed Potatoes and Snack Bars Same cabinet as above. Trying to show you depth. Lazy Susan Cabinet (Lazy is right, I really need to organize this […]