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Easy Valentine’s Day Petits Fours

Looking for something quick and easy to take to a Valentine’s Day party? How about some Petits Fours? Those little cakes always look like you spend hours on them. Mine are very simple and you can make them more elaborate by adding more decorations. Ingredients: 16 oz Pound Cake Wilton Candy Melts Frosting Directions: Cut […]

Wilton Cake Pops!

I’ve made cake bites before and even cake pups, but this is my first time trying Wilton’s Cake Pops! I found out from Cat at 3kidsandus that Wilton was having a Pops! Blogger Contest and knew I had to try it out myself! (Cat also has great instructions on how to make cake pops on her […]

Wilton Checkerboard Cake Review and Giveaway!- Closed

I was so excited to be able to do a Wilton Review. I LOVE Wilton products. I took all four Wilton cake decorating courses over a year ago and actually started teaching classes at Hobby Lobby. I think due to the economy, people were just not signing up for courses. Due to no interest and […]