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My Top 10 Favorite Weight Watchers Accessories

I have recently started Weight Watchers again because I found that I was 100 pounds away from my goal weight. ONE HUNDRED. YIKES! I knew I had to make some changes. It was time. I can’t let myself get sick and leave my kids behind. I’m sharing with you my top 10 favorite Weight Watchers […]

Wellness App for New and Expectant Mothers

Being pregnant or a new mom, you are likely tired! My baby is 17 weeks today and still waking 1-3 times a night to eat. I’m also a mom to 4 other kids. I’m TIRED! There is a new app that will help you get your energy back on a daily basis. The Johnson & Johnson […]

Weight Loss Wednesday Week 1

So I still have no idea what I’m planning to do to help out on this journey. I’ve definitely been drinking a LOT more water this past week and I think that may have been my saving grace. Today when I weighted myself, I was 213; last week I was 212.3, so I had a […]

Weight Loss Wednesdays

I’ve made the decision. It’s time for me to take the leap and get this weight off. A few weeks after having Baby Q I was almost to my pre-pregnancy weight, but just like always I rebound while breast feeding. Before having Q I was over 230 lbs. I got down to 207, which was 5 […]

Shaklee180 April Wrap-Up

Well, I am just updating you on how poorly I did as a blogger for Shaklee180 this month. I just couldn’t find the motivation after the post I shared with you two weeks ago and just couldn’t get back on track. The sun is back out in Chicago and I’m starting to feel better, so […]

Recommitting to Shaklee180 today

I have received product to try for Shaklee180. So today I am recommitting myself to Shaklee180. I was honestly hoping I’d be writing a different post today, though. You see, the past week I’ve taken four pregnancy tests in which there was a very faint second line. I thought I was pregnant, however my period […]

Shaklee180 Month One Wrap Up

Note: I was given Shaklee 180 products in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are my own. Month one is complete for my Shaklee 180 program. Only 5 more to go and I sure hope I see some better results. I surely can’t blame Shaklee, because you have to stick to the program for […]

Halfway through Month One #ShakleeBlogger

 I haven’t had a chance to update you on my weight loss in a few weeks because I keep seeming to be sick on Mondays when I want to sit down and write about it. This has been one heck of a winter for my family and I’m dying to have Spring start so we […]

I’m a #Shaklee180 Blogger!

I am excited to find out that I got an ambassadorship to be a #Shaklee180 Blogger! Over 450 people applied and I was one of the 90 women chosen. I’m really excited to be a part of this campaign with my buddy Sara. A little update on where I am from my last competition: Since […]

Weeks 5 & 6 #IHeartOmron #Mamavation Challenge

I didn’t get a chance to update you last week on the challenge because I thought my site was being moved to new hosting and I couldn’t post anything at the time. It fell through, but it does need to happen sometime soon. I have had a few good weeks for sure! Yesterday I woke […]

Week 4 of the #IHeartOmron #Mamavation Challenge

I can’t believe it’s been four weeks since we started this challenge for Omron Fitness. I feel like I had two great weeks and two “eh” weeks. I think last week’s problem was because of my arm injury that I told you about while roller skating last week. My arm is mostly better, though it […]

Omron Fitness Challenge Week 3 Results

Something has happened the past two days. I’ve been feeling blah. I’ve been feeling like I can’t do everything; like I can focus on only one thing in my life and that’s it. I can either focus on weight loss or blogging or my family. My goal this week is to try to find a […]

Mamavation and Omron Challenge Week 2

When I got on the scale yesterday I was dreading writing this post. I have literally worked my bottom off this past week. I’ve been doing two workouts per day (minus rest days) and I’ve been striving to get my 10,000 steps in per day. I only reached it 3 days out of 7, though. […]

Mamavation and Omron Challenge Week 1

Last week I told you that I am starting to compete in a weekly challenge by Omron Fitness and Mamavation. The challenge officially started yesterday. I started working on my weight since I applied for the competition. My weight when I applied for the #IHeartOmoron challenge I weighed 215. Yesterday when I weighed in… That’s […]

Weight Loss Log

As you may know, I’m starting a weight loss competition using Omron Fitness products. I knew I wanted to track a lot of things on my weight loss journey so I wanted to come up with a tracking sheet that would work for me. I looked around the internet and couldn’t find anything that tracked […]