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My Top 10 Favorite Weight Watchers Accessories

I have recently started Weight Watchers again because I found that I was 100 pounds away from my goal weight. ONE HUNDRED. YIKES! I knew I had to make some changes. It was time. I can’t let myself get sick and leave my kids behind. I’m sharing with you my top 10 favorite Weight Watchers […]

Weight Loss Wednesday Week 1

So I still have no idea what I’m planning to do to help out on this journey. I’ve definitely been drinking a LOT more water this past week and I think that may have been my saving grace. Today when I weighted myself, I was 213; last week I was 212.3, so I had a […]

Weight Loss Wednesdays

I’ve made the decision. It’s time for me to take the leap and get this weight off. A few weeks after having Baby Q I was almost to my pre-pregnancy weight, but just like always I rebound while breast feeding. Before having Q I was over 230 lbs. I got down to 207, which was 5 […]

Weigh in Wednesday- March 24

Well I was back on track. I was tracking food and was on track to go to the gym 3 times last week. I went once. Once we found out we were approved for a mortgage our whole lives have been about finding a house. We were eating on the go and I had to […]

Weigh In Wednesday- March 17

I’m back on the right track, finally! I’ve been journaling my food. (That doesn’t mean I’m eating perfectly, just writing it all down!) This week I’ll be going to the gym 3 times. I went yesterday for a personal training appointment and man am I sore! Tomorrow is my Biggest Loser workout. Saturday I have […]

Blog the Weight Away – Weigh in Wednesday March 10

The bad eating has officially caught up with me. 🙁 I, once again, only made it to the gym once. It really is time to kick it into gear. I do have a couple of NSVs, though! I was able to take the bra extenders off of all my bras! My jeans still fit very […]

Blog the Weight Away – Weigh In Wednesday March 3

Well, I know that last week I said I’d do better. I didn’t. 🙁 My week consisted of one workout, french fries, eggs, sausage, blueberry muffins, cookies, brownies… I fully expected a gain when I got on the scale this morning. I was completely shocked when my weight came up!! On the plus side, I […]

Blog the Weight Away – Weigh In Wednesday Feb 24

It was not a good week. I was surprised when I stepped on the scale this morning! I only made it to the gym once due to the kids’ stomach issues and I had book club Friday, couponing class and dinner at a friend’s Sat. Then Sunday morning Cadence slammed her head into my nose. […]

Blog the Weight Away – Weigh in Wednesday Feb 17

Last week I went to the gym 3 times. I went Wednesday night to Body Shaping. OUCH! She was telling us to tighten our abs while doing the exercises and I couldn’t find them to tighten them. Let me tell you, I found them the next day!! Thursday morning was my Biggest Loser workout at […]

Blog the Weight Away – Weigh in Wednesday Feb 10

This past week has been a roller coaster. I started off doing really well! Wednesday I went to Zumba and Thursday I had my Biggest Loser workout with my group. Friday I had to shovel (which I supposedly burned off more calories shoveling than I did with the BL class.) I did really well on […]

Blog the Weight Away – Weigh in Wednesday Feb 3

I didn’t see a huge result this week but am not at all surprised. Last week I ate like a cow since I knew starting Monday I was on my strict diet. I’m actually finding it hard to get all my calories in with eating low calorie/low (or non) fat foods. I did much better […]

Menu Monday : 2/1/10-2/8/10

I’m really not sure how this week is going to go. I’m not sure how to plan. Today is my first day on my diet. I’m only allowed 1260 calories on my non-workout days and 1400 calories on workout days. There’s also a bunch of other guidelines like only 1 serving of Dairy fats a […]

Blog the Weight Away – Weigh In Wednesday

I haven’t been working hard on my diet (eating) this past week because I’m starting a strict eating diet on Monday. I joined a new gym and am taking part in their Biggest Loser contest. I need to track all my food and for the first month I need to visit the gym 3 times […]

Blog the Weight Away Intro!

Hi! My name is Paula and I’m on the Purple Team for Blog the Weight Away Challenge hosted by 4BabyandMom! My other team members are Stefany from ToBeThode and Toni from MarketMommies. I just want to share with you some of my history and goals today. I have never felt skinny. Back in high school […]