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Merry Larry and the True Light of Christmas Review and Giveaway

It’s time again for another awesome VeggieTales creation. I was sent the video to watch with my family and all opinions are ours. You can always count on Veggie Tales to come out with an awesome movie and this is no exception. Merry Larry and the True Light of Christmas is a heartwarming tale of learning […]

Veggie Tales: The Little House that Stood #Review #Giveaway

Just in time for Easter, VeggieTales is releasing The Little House That Stood, an all-new VeggieTales story premiering on DVD and available at Walmart on Tuesday, March 5. The Little House That Stood parodies two popular nursery rhymes – The Three Little Pigs and Humpty Dumpty – to help impart valuable life lessons.   The Three Little Pigs meet the Wise and […]

Veggie Tales: Penniless Princess #Review and #Giveaway

This past weekVeggie Tales came out with another full length cartoon called The Penniless Princess: God’s Little Girl. As usual, they hit the nail on the head with their movie. The Penniless Princess is based on the movie “The Little Princess” but it brings it to life in a way that little kids can understand. […]

Veggie Tales The Little Drummer Boy Review and #Giveaway

Yay! It’s the Christmas season again! Veggie Tales has released a new movie for this Christmas season called The Little Drummer Boy. I really enjoyed watching this one with the kids. It really got me in the Holiday spirit. When it seems you have nothing to bring… What gift can you give the King? In […]

Veggie Tales Princess and the Popstar Review and #Giveaway

I was recently given a chance to try another Veggie Tales movie. This time the movie is called Princess and The Popstar, a Story of Trading Places. It’s a cute story about two girls who are not happy with who they are and decide to trade places and see what it’s like to live as […]

Veggie Tales- Twas the Night Before Easter Review and Giveaway

Yay!! I get to share with you another new Veggie Tales DVD! This time it’s ‘Twas the Night Before Easter! Of Course, Big Idea has done it again! Another full length Veggie Tales movie to fall in love with.  My kids loved the giant robot bunny and dancing along with the silly song. It was […]

Veggie Tales “Happy Together” Review and Giveaway #contest

Veggie Tales has released a new video called Happy Together! Sheerluck Holmes and the Golden Ruler takes you on a mysterious adventure with Sheerluck Holmes and his venerable sidekick Dr. Watson as they work together, their forensic fortitude can solve any crime. The Grapes of Wrath… What do you get when a bunch of very […]

Veggie Tales: Saint Nicholas: A Story of Giving Review and Giveaway #contest @veggietales

When Junior Asparagus and his Veggie friends learn that Laura Carrot’s dad has lost his job on Christmas Eve, Bob the Tomato decides to tell the kids a very special story about giving. Using a big storybook and a little imagination, they all travel back to ancient Greece to meet Saint Nicholas — the world’s […]

Wordless Wednesday: Veggie Tales Live @veggietales

Veggie Tales Bob & Larry Sing the 80s Review & Giveaway

Need a fun CD to pass the time in the car? Veggie Tales Bob and Larry Sing the 80s is it!! I remember all these songs from growing up: Gourds Just Want To Have Fun La Bamba Everybody Have Fun Tonight Walking On Sunshine Footloose That’s What Friends Are For We Got The Beat Walk […]

Veggie Tales It’s a Meaningful Life Review

Big Idea recently released Veggie Tales: It’s a Meaningful Life! It’s a combination of It’s a Wonderful Life, A Christmas Carol, and Polar Express. The kids love watching it over and over. We’re going pull it out again soon to help get into the Christmas spirit. This movie teaches you that life is not always […]

Veggie Tales Discount

Today and tomorrow, all DVDs and CDs are 30% off at Big Idea. Also, all orders over $30 qualify for free shipping!

Veggie Tales Live Giveaway!

Have you heard of Veggie Tales? If not, what rock have you been hiding under? Just kidding! Veggie Tales are a group of Vegetables that sing and dance and teach your children “Values to Live By.” We love Veggie Tales in our house. We went to go see a Veggie Tales Live show 2 years […]