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Thirsty Thursday: CA Wine Club

This week I had the pleasure of trying two wines from the California Wine Club. I got both a red and white wine. I think my tastes are changing, because I really enjoyed the red wine more. I liked the different flavors I could taste in the red. It tasted more “woody” than other wines […]

Thirsty Thursday: Flip Flop Wines Review

This week I got the chance to review Flip Flop Wines: flipflop wines: to each, their own With flipflop wines, we have embraced the movement toward individualistic expression, instead of manufacturing wines into some cookie-cutter style that’s all the rage.  Our goal is to craft expressive, well-balanced wines that evoke just what the grapes inside […]

Thirsty Thursday: Cupid’s Punch

Ok, it’s back! I’m going to start featuring drinks on Thursday’s again. Some may be alcoholic and some may not. This week’s is not. This is a great kid-friendly drink that is good for parties or Valentine’s Day. Cupid’s Punch Ingredients: 12-ounce can pink lemonade concentrate (or powdered mix if you can’t find the frozen, […]

Thirsty Thursday- Ice Cream Genius

Ice Cream Genius We are running low on alcohol (time to feature another kid friendly drink!!) My husband suggested I make something with ice cream. In my freezer I had Edy’s Fat Free Vanilla Yogurt Blend, Neapolitan or Pralines ice cream. I figured I’d scoop the vanilla out of the neapolitan for the guys and use the […]