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My Babies: “Little Man” David Patrick

Our #3, my baby for the past 5 years, is “Little Man” or David Patrick. He was born 1/18/09 at 10:01 pm at 8 lbs 15 oz and 20.3″ long. He was my most difficult pregnancy. I swear at every appointment they found something that “could be” wrong with him. They told me at one […]

My Babies: “Monkey” Cadence Theresa

Our “Monkey” is Cadence Theresa and she was born on 5/11/07. I was planning to have a VBAC with her, but due to an ultrasound at 37 weeks, we switched over to a c-section because the ultrasound said she was already over 7 pounds. The hospital in Florida wouldn’t allow me to attempt to vbac […]

My Babies: “Buddy” Gabriel Charles

I don’t normally share names of the kids on my blog, but they are here in places if people wanted to find them. The kiddo that I call Buddy, his name is Gabriel Charles. He has an awesome birthday of 05/05/05! We found out we were having him when we were visiting Chicago for his […]