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Use Go Math! Academy to enhance your Math Curriculum

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Now that I’m homeschooling, I sometimes need something to add to the kids’ math to help supplement what they’re learning, to let them have some computer fun, and to keep them busy while I’m working with someone else. Go Math! Academy is a great resource for all of those things! Go Math! is geared towards grades K-6 and you can have up to 5 children on one account.

Go Math! Students

When you log in to Go Math! It’s easy for the student to get to their account and figure out what they need to work on first. When they sign on for the first time, they can choose whether they want Jungle World or Sky World. All my kids chose Sky World so I don’t know what the difference is.

Second Grade Math Example for Go Math! Academy

Above is an example of Second Grade math. I like that there is a “Help Me” button to help the child if they are working by themselves. It will walk them through an example so that they know how to answer the question. Once the child is done making their choice, they click check answer, and then Next if it is correct. At the end of all the questions you click “See My Score” where it will tell you your grade for the session and let you know if you won any awards.

Game unlock for Go Math!

After a while your child will unlock some fun games to play that also goes along with the Math they are doing. Little Man is LOVING Go Math! Academy. He does great with it by himself as well. There are little buttons that he can press for word problems so that they get read out loud to him since he can’t read yet.

Progress Report for Go Math!

At the end of each week you are emailed a progress report for all your students. You can see above that David is really having a blast running through all the different levels. The other two have a lot more school work during the day and less time to spend on the site, but they like it as well. I think that Go Math! Academy is a great resource to help kids struggling in school or those that just want a little extra boost.

Go Math! Academy™ is an online, at-home learning program based on Houghton Mifflin Harcourt’s enormously successful GO Math!™ textbook curriculum, used by over 7 million kids worldwide. Go Math! Academy offers thousands of math practice problems, hundreds or help videos, and plenty of games and rewards to make learning fun!

Grades K- 6 are available now.

Key features of Go Math! Academy:

  • Lively, engaging online experience lets children select a theme to launch their own personal math journey1

  • Independent learning empowers children to complete  the grade-level curriculum in order to select the skill they want to practice.

  • Skill-boosting approach offers step-by-step math problems to support practice.

  • Entertaining help videos feature expert instructors (and loveable puppets to engage younger kids) who make math concepts clear and fun!

Go Math! Academy Logo

Go Math! Academy is available in your choice of three payment plans (access for up to 5 children):

  • Monthly: $9.99/month
  • 6-months: $49.99 ($8.33/month) – a 17% savings
  • 1-year: $79.99 ($6.67/month) – a 33% savings

Do you do anything to help supplement your child’s math education? Have you ever tried Go Math! Academy?

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  1. Robin (Masshole Mommy) says:

    My youngest, who is 7, struggles with math. This seems like something that would help him.

  2. My little boy uses Math Academy and loves it. The part with “How many jellybeans are in the jar” is his favorite. It cracks me up. This has worked wonders on getting him excited about math too.

  3. Thanks for sharing. My 7 year old loves math so I am definitely going to look into this.

  4. What a fun way to get your kids excited about learning! I had similar programs growing up, with apps now they can go mobile!

  5. My daughter would love this! I love how it will show you a progress report too.

  6. This is a great way to help kids understand math. My sister tried showing me the “new” math that my nephew is learning. I can’t do it, and it’s SIMPLE level math.

  7. My oldest loves Go Math! Academy, when she asks to log in – I know it’s right for her!

  8. I think education is important. I love to see programs that encourage learning and make it fun.

  9. It’s great that this program tracks each child’s progress. That’s such a convenient way to see if it’s helping the kids!

  10. Sounds wonderful. I would so use this in my homeschooling with my kids. Looks like a great resource!

  11. This is such a cool resource. I was surprised at how affordable it is too!

  12. This is such a great resource for kids who are struggling. The price can’t be beat either! Awesome!