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Summer is for Families {#LittleMercies Book Launch}

Note: This post is sponsored by Harlequin. I received an ARC of the book Little Mercies. All opinions are my own.

Little Mercies Book Release #LittleMercies

Next week, June 24, 2014, Heather Gudenkauf is releasing a book called Little Mercies. It is a book about families and finding the Little Mercies in things. When you’re going through a hard time, look for the Little Mercies and focus on those instead of the big picture.

In her latest ripped-from-the-headlines tour de force, New York Times bestselling author Heather Gudenkauf shows how one small mistake can have life-altering consequences… 

Veteran social worker Ellen Moore has seen the worst side of humanity—the vilest acts one person can commit against another. She is a fiercely dedicated children’s advocate and a devoted mother and wife. But one blistering summer day, a simple moment of distraction will have repercussions that Ellen could never have imagined, threatening to shatter everything she holds dear, and trapping her between the gears of the system she works for. 

Meanwhile, ten-year-old Jenny Briard has been living with her well-meaning but irresponsible father since her mother left them, sleeping on friends’ couches and moving in and out of cheap motels. When Jenny suddenly finds herself on her own, she is forced to survive with nothing but a few dollars and her street smarts. The last thing she wants is a social worker, but when Ellen’s and Jenny’s lives collide, little do they know just how much they can help one another. 

A powerful and emotionally charged tale about motherhood and justice, Little Mercies is a searing portrait of the tenuous grasp we have on the things we love the most, and of the ties that unexpectedly bring us together.

Little Mercies Book Launch #LittleMercies

This book has made me want to hug my children tighter and make sure I make this summer about family time. I know last night I posted how I’m looking forward to a break in July because I’m tired of the go-go-go, but I’m looking forward to July for other reasons as well. Not having scheduled days means being able to take spontaneous trips or playing together in our blow up pool outside. I’m looking forward to ice pops on the porch after a long day. I want to go to the zoo, the Museum of Science and Industry, and a trip to the beach. I want to spend a day in jammies watching movies and eating popcorn. I just want to spend time WITH my kids instead of just taking them from point A to B where they have fun and make memories without me. July doesn’t seem long enough to do all the things I want! In August we will be taking our annual family vacation to the Wisconsin Dells and we are also going to Airfest for Cub Scouts as a family. Even though June is jam packed, we will have some good family time this summer and I’m looking forward to it.

Outshine Coconut #Cbias

Don’t forget, though, while making the summer about the family that you need time for yourself to unwind. I definitely suggest checking out Little Mercies as a way to take some time for yourself. I loved the book and couldn’t put it down! You can check out an except for yourself. You can also buy Little Mercies on Amazon.

What are you doing this summer to make memories with your family? What are you doing to make time for you in the process? Do you have any books on your summer reading list?

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  1. I have a LONG list of books I am trying to find time to read! Reading is how I unwind after dealing with kids all day during the summer! Looks like a good book!

  2. These sounds like a great book. I am waiting to read my next book until I have time to finish it.
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  3. I’ll have to see if my library has this to borrow for my Kindle. I have been working so much, I hope my July is a bit less hectic and will allow me to relax and spend more time with kids too.
    Kimberly Grabinski´s last blog post ..Celebrate July 4th with a Dill Pickle Salad or Dip Recipe

  4. I’ve read “the Weight of Silence” and “One Breath Away”, two other books of hers, and they were stellar! I can’t wait to pick this one up the next time I’m at the library!
    Audrey at Barking Mad!´s last blog post ..Eating Crow -”Summer” Snowboard Camp Does In Fact Exist

  5. I can’t remember the last time I read a Harlequin book. I’ve always thought they were love stories but this doesn’t sound like that at all. Hmmm… might need to rethink my reading list.
    Nicole Brady´s last blog post ..Secrets to a Successful Marriage

    • I always thought they were love stories, too! I was surprised to find out this was published by Harlequin. Definitely not a love story.

  6. Gosh it sounds good, but I feel like I might get really emotional when reading it. Did you?

  7. Very cool. I love to read… but often find that I don’t have the time to sit and read.
    Rachel´s last blog post ..5 Ways to Get a Strong Stomach

    • It’s definitely easier for me to read an ebook because I have it with me at all times and can sit and read while I nurse the baby. That’s how I get through so many.

  8. It’s been a long time since I’ve read something that tugs at the heartstrings!
    Lisa Johnston´s last blog post ..The Tooth Fairy and a Brother’s Love | #toothfairy #brothers #sweet

  9. The boys and I are doing some traveling (not much, though!). We are also playing more games and enjoying our time together!
    Sara Phillips´s last blog post ..Wordless Wednesday: Flowers

  10. I haven’t read a book in years! I don’t have the patience to sit down and read, something I’ve dealt with since the school years. This sounds like a good one though!
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  11. I’m reading this exact book right now. I JUST read the part with the baby in the car. Oh my heart…
    Liz Mays´s last blog post ..Get Yourself Some Moonshine BBQ!

    • The AC in my van doesn’t work and I only have one working window so it gets HOT in my van. I worry about the kids every time we ride around in it.

  12. I love to read! I have a stack of no lie about 20 books waiting for me. There needs to be more hours in the day!

  13. I need to make a point to read some this summer. This one looks like a great book to start with.
    Mellisa´s last blog post ..Our #Fiesta4Kids Simple Service Project with Jennie-O

  14. A book about appreciating the little things in life. These books always come in handy. I love uplifting and inspirational books like these.
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  15. I so agree with you about making time to real BE with your kids and just enjoy the moment rather than zipping from one activity after another, or from one place to the next and feeling like you’ve been together all day but you really haven’t BEEN together at all! When I go visit my parents in the South of France I always think “I’ll go spend a few days in Paris to catch up with old friends.” But when I get there I just want to soak up ALL of my parents and simply relish being there 🙂 I look forward to ling days with my girls with as much longing 🙂
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  16. Wow, this looks like a great read. Life is all about little mercies, it just depends on if we can watch for and recognize them.
    Tiff @ Babes and Kids´s last blog post ..Sponsored Video: Everyday Moments

  17. I’m a big reader. I’ll have to check this out.

    We’re trying to do a lot of things as a family this summer. I’m really enjoying our looser schedule.

  18. We do a lot of road trips over the summer and I’m one of the lucky ones who can read in the car. Thanks for the recommend! Adding to my list now!
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  19. Robin (Masshole Mommy) says:

    That sounds like a great book. I will have to add it to my reading list!

  20. This sounds like a really good book worth reading. Thanks for sharing this detailed review with us.
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  21. That looks like a really great book. There is something about sitting outside in the summer with a good book!
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  22. After all of these years of barely having time to read, I have actually taken the time to do some reading this summer. I’ll have to put this on my to-read list.
    HilLesha´s last blog post ..Ready, Set, and Travel with the Cinda B Carry-On Rolly

  23. Little Mercies looks like a great read with a great message. It’s so important to remember that we only have a certain amount of time on this earth, and we need to focus on what matters.
    Jennifer´s last blog post ..Importance of Flea and Tick Prevention #Seresto

  24. Oh, I want to check this out. A great summer read.

  25. We have a long list of things to do this summer… reading this book included!
    Chelley @ A is For Adelaide´s last blog post ..#JustForLove

  26. I have never read any of her novels- I am not much of a thriller novel kind of reader. I can see why this book is getting ready to fly off the shelves!
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  27. The synopsis sounds like a good book. I’m going to add it to my “Review” list.
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  28. This book looks great, I am adding it to my reading list.
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  29. Sounds like a really well written book. Thank you for sharing your review.
    Chrystal @ YUM eating´s last blog post ..Old-Fashioned Bacon and Grit Breakfast {Giveaway}

  30. I have been reading Little Mercies and wow, I am so glad that i made time for it! It’s such an emotional book!
    Jenn @TheRebelChick´s last blog post ..Cool Down With a Cranberry Summer Slush Recipe

  31. Always good to know another summer read.
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  32. It’s so easy to get caught up in the little things and forget the big picture with life. I think I could benefit from this book.
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  33. I just love books that inspire me. I love the quiet time between getting children to bed at night and getting myself there. I was thinking about a good book to plunge into during those moments. Thank you for what sounds like a great suggestion for my reading time.
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  34. This looks like a great book. I will definitely be putting this on my summer reading list. Sometimes the big picture is too hard to handle at the time and you have to look at the little mercies and enjoy them!

  35. This sounds like a sweet book and I could definitely learn a thing or two about having a good attitude when life starts kicking my butt. Thanks for sharing!
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  36. I always can appreciate a great page turner. This is one I am adding to my must reads.
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  37. Thanks for the book suggestion. I’m always looking for good options to download to my iPad.
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  38. This sounds like a read I need to add while traveling. I will have to check it out.
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  39. This book sounds so good! I will have to check it out!

  40. There’s nothing like relaxing with a nice book. I bet this is a really good book too.
    Brett Martin´s last blog post ..I Had My Tooth Drilled With NO Anesthesia! + My Tips To Prevent This!

  41. I am always looking for books to read. Thanks for the review.
    Janell Poulette´s last blog post ..P&Geveryday – Ideas & Inspiration For Your Life

  42. Sounds like a book I’d love, I need to add this to the top of my summer reading list!
    Tammi @ My Organized Chaos´s last blog post ..Leader of the Pack

  43. Looks like a great book! I’ll have to grab a copy. I LOVE reading!
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  44. Adding this to my list of books to read this summer. It sounds pretty good, and this is not the first time I’ve heard about it lately.
    Jaime´s last blog post ..Friday 5 – Summertime!

  45. Family is so important. I will have to add this to my summer read list. Thanks for sharing.

  46. Sounds great!!! Like a book that can really lift your spirits… thanks for sharing, I will have to check it out. Thanks so much!

  47. I have this book and can’t put it down. I’m almost done with it. Opening and reading this book has inspired me to keep going with my summer reading list. There are so many books I want to read and can’t wait to find the time to do so.
    Tiffany (Fabulous Mom Blog)´s last blog post ..Friday things

  48. This looks like a good book. I love to read and need some goo books this summer

  49. Looks like I found my book for our vacation!! Making note of this now – this book is right up my ally!!
    Emily´s last blog post ..4th of July Subway Art | Free Printable

  50. Wow after reading this post I really want to read the book. If it made you feel like that I know I will be moved.

  51. This looks like my kind of book. I’m trying to do one thing everyday this summer for fun!
    Anne – Mommy Has to Work´s last blog post ..When Does School Start?

  52. This sounds fascinating. Will be getting this to read.
    Debbie Denny´s last blog post ..20th Century Fox and DreamWorks Release First Trailer for HOME!

  53. Another book to add to my long to read list lol.Sounds really good.
    Kay Adeola´s last blog post ..World Cup Snackin.

  54. This book sounds great. It sounds like a tear jerker. I’ve always been very protective of my family time. It’s so important to spend time with your children. They grow up so fast.

  55. This looks like an adorable read! Thanks for sharing!
    krystalskitsch´s last blog post ..5 Tips to Maximize Your Time

  56. That sounds like a good book! I’ve been looking for something new to read…thanks for the tip!
    StacieinAtlanta´s last blog post ..Seed Planting 101

  57. I would love to read this book! Sounds like a great summer read that would be great for book club.

  58. I actually have this on my reading list for this summer! I’m in the middle of reading And the Dark Sacred Night right now and I just finished The Invention of Wings. I’d recommend both of those too.
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  59. This sounds like a very heavy, emotional read. I tend to stick with lighter reads in the summer, but I am definitely adding this on to my list for when the kids go back to school.
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  60. This sounds like a good book I’ve been into the feel good books or mindless adult rated books LOL.
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  61. vanessa: thequeenofswag says:

    These sounds like a great read. I’ll have to check it out.
    vanessa: thequeenofswag´s last blog post ..Somos FiOS New Soccer Promotion & Estadio Verizon Tab!

  62. Susanna @Zealous Mom says:

    This book looks so good and inspiring. I will have to add it to my summer reading list. It’s getting quite long!

  63. This sounds like a great book. I really need to get off the computer and do some good reading!
    Kelsey Apley´s last blog post ..Banana Boat Giveaway – Win up to a $100 Gift card (47 win)

  64. Jessica Urgelles says:

    I haven’t read anything by this author but I am definitely interested now!

  65. I’m always looking for a good book. Being in the human services field, this sounds right my alley. Finishing The Goldfinch now- I highly recommend it as well!
    Jessica (Savory Experiments)´s last blog post ..Jalapeno Popper Pull Apart Bread

  66. I am always looking for good new reads. I will definitely be checking this out!
    Melissa´s last blog post ..Great Gifts for Grads at Best Buy #GreatestGrad

  67. This book looks awesome! I’ve been looking for summer reading!

  68. We’re taking the family on mini vacations! This book would be perfect for our long drives

  69. I love it when you just can’t put a book down. I’m going to add this to my summer reading list.
    Angela´s last blog post ..See Poise Microliners Put to the Test!

  70. I love reading. I just can’t seem to find the time to read as much as I would like but this book looks like something I could get into to.

  71. This sounds like something I need! I get too caught up in the daily errands & chores.