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$50 Walmart Giveaway Courtesy of Flatout! #Flatoutpizza

Last week I told you about the Flatout Pizza party I had at my house. Today I wanted to share with you a giveaway that Flatout is letting me host. I get to give away a $50 gift card. First I wanted to tell you the things you can find from Walmart to help you get ready for your holidays.

If you visit you can see their gift guide for last minute gift giving ideas. They also have a holiday entertaining board on Pinterest.

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Note: I wrote this review while participating in a campaign by The Motherhood on behalf of Flatout and Walmart and received product and compensation to facilitate my post.

About Paula

Paula Krueger considers herself a "baby "chef, not because she cooks for babies, but because she's still learning how to cook. She started this blog after taking Wilton method classes and at that point was more interested in baking. She's since become more interested in learning to cook as her family has grown. She also covers product reviews and travel as well.


  1. I like Greek pizza, so olives, spinach, and maybe feta.

  2. Judy Bradley says:

    What I like best is white chicken, onions, mushrooms, and of course, lots of cheese.

  3. Cheese, green pepper, onion and grilled chicken.

  4. Andrew Gordon says:

    id put onions, tomatoes, peppers

  5. Margaret Smith says:

    Tomatoes and garlic

  6. Lisa Brown says:

    I would put black olives and mushrooms

  7. mushrooms and peppers

  8. Mary Happymommy says:

    Pepperoni and sausage

  9. Ashley Hatten says:

    Pepperoni, sausage, mushrooms, and pineapple!

  10. pepperoni

    kport207 at gmail dot com

  11. I would put black olives, artichokes & feta cheese on my pizza.

  12. meat. the boys especially love bacon on their pizza

  13. Pepperoni and red pepper.

  14. Jennifer Young says:

    cheese, mushrooms, and pineapple!

  15. Tomatoes and Serrano peppers and pepperoni

  16. Banana peppers and olives

  17. Barbara Montag says:

    Grilled chicken, mushrooms spinach and lots of cheese!
    Thank you.

  18. Theresa Pettit says:

    Pepperoni, sausage, mushrooms and black olives are my favorite!

  19. Scott Martin says:


  20. Sarah Hirsch says:

    i’d put on sauce and cheese

  21. I would put onions and peppers

  22. pepperoni,beef,bacon

  23. EMMA L HORTON says:


  24. Artichokes and mushrooms

  25. Just cheese!

  26. Cheese and pepperoni.

  27. BBQ chicken and onion

  28. Seyma Shabbir says:

    Ricotta, Mozzarello, shitake mushrooms, parsley and truffle oil

  29. Amanda Sakovitz says:

    id put black olives and pepperoni

  30. Sausage, peppers onions, bannana peppers & mushrooms

  31. Thomas Murphy says:

    I would put Pepperoni

  32. mushrooms and green peppers


  33. Jessica To says:

    I would do pepperoni and extra cheese!

  34. Jason Crooks says:

    I would put sausage, pepperoni, and mushrooms on my pizza

  35. Sandy VanHoey says:

    I’d put dbl cheese, pepperoni and mushrooms

  36. Ellen Byers says:

    peppers and onions

  37. nannypanpan says:
  38. Nataly Carbonell says:

    Veggies (Onions, pepper, etc

  39. Cynthia Conley says:

    Artichokes, sun dried tomatoes and olives.

  40. Olives, pineapple, mushrooms and salami

  41. ryan minton says:

    extra cheese and pepperoni

  42. Tamar C Weinberg says:


  43. Jennifer B says:

    feta cheese and green onions

  44. lots of cheese, black olives and bell peppers

  45. I would put pepperoni, onions, cheese and bacon on it. Thank you!

  46. I like pepperoni, sausage, green olives and sauce and cheese

  47. I would put Greek Olives, feta, onions, artichoke and tomato

  48. Pepperoni and sausage.

  49. Rebecca Graham says:

    Pepperoni, mushrooms, and cheese

  50. Cheryl Abdelnour says:

    cheese and green pepper

  51. Danielle D says:


  52. April Brenay says:

    pepperoni and mushrooms

  53. Richard Morris says:

    Green peppers & pepperoni

  54. Pepperoni and Cheese 🙂

  55. Carrie Phelps says:

    Feta cheese, spinach & tomato.

  56. Tomato, onion and mushrooms!

  57. sauteed spinach, mushrooms & onion w/ garlic plus mozzarella cheese

  58. maleficent m says:

    ham and pineapple with olives

  59. Michelle H. says:

    Onions, chicken and roma tomatoes

  60. Mary Casper says:

    cheese and pepperoni

  61. Monique Rizzo says:

    Spinach and mozzerella.
    Thanks for the chance.

  62. Katherine Persons says:

    Cheese and pepperoni

  63. mushrooms and pepperoni

  64. Tari Lawson says:

    I would use fresh mozzarella, black olives and basil.

  65. BBQ chicken and red onion

  66. Mary Calabrese says:

    pepperoni and cheese.

  67. Pepperoni and jalepeno

  68. I’d put mushrooms, sausages, artichokes and fresh tomatoes.

  69. sheryl cullum says:

    groundbeef and ex cheese

  70. bbq chicken
    Thanks for the giveaway! Janna Johnson Janna@feedyourpig on gfc

  71. Mmmm let’s see. Canadian Bacon, Ricotta Cheese and Genoa Salami!

  72. I woul put on some marinara sauce, pepperoni and cheese!

  73. Cheese,sausage,pepperoni and extra cheese!

  74. fresh tomatoes and feta cheese

  75. Aimee Fontenot says:

    I would put BBQ sauce, chicken breast, and maybe some turkey bacon.

  76. Canadian bacon and pineapple

  77. Green peppers & pepperoni

  78. Sausage, Bacon, Provolone

  79. Onions and pepperoni, yum!

  80. i would put cheese

  81. Lots of veggies…………. mushrooms, onions, etc.

  82. danielle lima says:

    chicken, feta and spinach

  83. caitlin tate says:


  84. Pepperoni

  85. Cheese & lots of veggies

  86. Debra L. Guillen says:

    pepperoni and extra cheese

  87. Angela Kinder says:

    Lots of cheese and sausage!

  88. Tabathia B says:

    Pepperoni, cheese and bacon

  89. Tracy Allen says:

    Mushrooms and onion

  90. Karen Gonyea says:

    Green Peppers and Onions 🙂

  91. pepperoni and mushrooms

  92. William Bee says:

    I am going with ham, onions, garlic and pineapple. I haven’t had a combination on a pizza yet that I did not like.

  93. Elizabeth Drake says:

    pepperoni, olives, and green peppers!

  94. mozzarella, italian sausage and pepperoni

  95. Kristin LeFever says:

    Pepperonis, olives, onions, mushrooms, sausage, extra cheese, and ham!

  96. Kathleen Downes says:

    Mushrooms, olives. tomatoes, onions and spinach.

  97. Wild Orchid says:

    olives, mushrooms, and red onion.

    Entered the Rafflecopter form as “Wild Orchid”

    Thanks for the chance to win!
    wildorchid985 at gmail dot com

  98. I would put pepperoni on my flatout pizza

  99. diana shenderovich says:

    mozarella ,basil ans spinkle of olive oil

  100. Bacon, onion and sausage

  101. Mushrooms and pepperoni.

  102. feta cheese, spinach and grilled chicken, oh and diced tomatoes.

  103. Steve Stone says:

    mushrooms and olives

  104. Philadelphia creme and chicken

  105. ham onions peppers canadian bacon blck olives and lots of cheese

  106. Stephanie Larison says:

    Onions and green peppers

  107. CHEESE!!! Lots and lots of gooey cheese 🙂

  108. cheese, chicken an pineapple chunks

  109. LOIS PAYTON says:

    cheese and onions and peppers, GOD BLESS

  110. Sausage and Mushrooms…….Make my Day, Please!!

  111. Stacey Cockrell says:

    Artichokes and Feta Cheese

  112. Pepperoni!

  113. sausage & pepperoni!

  114. Tomatoes, feta cheese, and spinach sounds good.

  115. Bacon, Banana Peppers, Onions and Swiss Cheese

  116. christopher h says:

    sausage and olives

  117. Sausage and mushrooms

  118. christine jessamine says:

    i would put on pepperoni

  119. Charlotte W. says:


  120. Chrystal D says:

    Cheese, mushrooms & green peppers!

  121. patricia skinner says:

    Definately extra cheese and pepperoni.

  122. Debbie Welchert says:

    Pepperoni and lots of cheese

  123. Extra cheese and whatever fresh veggies i have in stock

  124. Mommyofone Shanna says:

    Pepperoni & Mushroom YUM

  125. bacon and yellow peppers

  126. Katie Contests says:

    I like pineapple on pizza!

  127. Marcia Goss says:

    pepperoni, green peppers, and onions

  128. PAIGE CHANDLER says:

    Mushrooms and onions.

  129. John Stetson says:

    Lots of cheese and pepperoni


  131. Just pepperoni.

  132. Canadian bacon and pineapple

  133. Wanda McHenry says:

    Fresh plum tomatoes, mozzarella and basil

  134. Mushrooms, onions and bell peppers!

  135. I’d put canadian bacon and pineapple.

  136. lots of bacon

  137. Lots of cheese with sausage and bacon.

  138. Pepperoni

  139. portabello mushrooms, fire roasted red peppers, jalapenos, fennel seeds, garlic and provolone. damn now I’m hungry!

    ky2here at msn dot com

  140. Julie Harris says:

    Pesto, tomatoes and olives!

  141. I’d top it with turkey pepperoni and cheese.

  142. Melanie Mervin says:

    Pepperonis, cheese, & olives.

  143. Meredith Brooks says:


  144. Olive oil, fresh mozzarella spinach and garlic.

    wolverina401 at gmail dot com

  145. Kim Henrichs says:

    Pepperoni and green peppers!

  146. Pepperoni, green peppers and onions

  147. Mary Somerville says:

    Sausage, black olives, mushrooms and lots of cheese!

  148. chicken and bacon

  149. Geoff Kaufman says:

    I’d try something different and go with the pear and Gorgonzola recipe — thanks!

  150. pepperoni and banana peppers.

  151. Mozzarella, bacon & spinach!

  152. Dorothy Deakyne says:

    cheese bacon,mushroom

  153. Pepperoni, cheese, bell peppers, olives, pineapples

  154. extra cheese & sausage

  155. black & green olives, mushrooms, mozzerella & cheddar cheese, & mild pepper rings.

  156. JAMES LYNAM says:


  157. Brittney House says:

    cheese and pepperoni

  158. Kim Burnett says:

    cheese and pepperoni

  159. veggie pepperoni, onion and green peppers please!

  160. pepperoni

  161. Cheese, black olives and mushrooms

  162. Derek Timm says:

    I would put sausage, peperoni, and Canadian bacon.

  163. I would love Pepproni, Onions, Olives. Mushrooms, Tomatoes, and ofcourse Cheese

  164. lots of cheese and bacon! yum

  165. Tammy Shelton says:

    LOTS of Cheese & Canadian Bacon.

  166. pepperoni, ground beef, mushroom and onion

  167. Erica Barnes says:

    Olive oil, black olives, mushrooms, spinach, and green peppers.

  168. Pepperoni, ham, pineapple and cheese

  169. Stefanie Gladden ( Ann Lyfe ) says:

    i love pepperoni w/extra cheese

  170. lynn brannen says:

    Everythingggg! pepperoni,ham,cheese,mushrooms,onions,green peppers,bacon! oh yea and pineapplen too1

  171. green pepper, black olives and mushrooms

  172. Jacob LaFountaine says:

    Just pepperoni

  173. Padma Miller says:


  174. Mushrooms and feta cheese.

  175. pepperoni mushroom

  176. Italian sausage, cheese, mushrooms, black olives, bell peppers, and onions. Yum!

  177. alyce poalillo says:

    onions, cheese, green peppers and mushrooms

  178. ground beef,mushroom, cheese and jalapeno

  179. Tomato, basil, and cheese.

  180. I would put bacon and pepporini

  181. Goat cheese, black olives, tomato slices, onions, green peppers, pepperoni.

  182. sarah cool says:

    I would put BBQ sauce and chicken

  183. Peperoni and jalapeno

  184. dani marie says:

    bacon. lots of bacon.

  185. Ham, pineapple and bacon

  186. Desiree Dunbar says:

    Spinach and Chicken.

  187. Melinda K. says:

    Spinach, alfredo sauce and mushrooms!

  188. Angela Cisco says:

    Pepperoni and cheese

  189. green peppers and italian sausage

  190. I’d make a taco pizza with taco meat, cheddar cheese, salsa, and shredded lettuce

  191. Linda Lansford says:

    pepperoni for me

  192. Cheese and sliced tomato

  193. green peppers, mushrooms and extra cheese
    cjnedrow at gmail dot com

  194. tiffany stone says:

    pepperoni, cheese, mushrooms, and green pepper!

  195. Mushrooms, Spinach, Bell Peppers and Feta

  196. I would put pepperoni, cream cheese chunks, and jalapenos on mine 🙂

  197. Onions, mushrooms, and green peppers.

  198. Helena Tillman says:

    pepperoni and a lot of cheese

  199. cheese, pepperoni and onion

  200. Daniel Morrell says:

    pepperoni is my fav topping

  201. Gennie Lancaster says:

    Green Peppers, Onions, Mushrooms and Jalapenos!

  202. robyn paris says:

    mushrooms and artichokes

  203. Mushrooms.

  204. kelly nicholson says:

    What kind of toppings would you put on your Flatout Pizza?


  205. Kaitlin Welch says:


  206. I like snausage on pizza

  207. Onions, green peppers, mushrooms and ham. Nom nom!!

  208. Carol Mclemore says:

    Pepperoni and bacon

  209. Green peppers and onions

  210. Dena Sablotny says:

    What kind of toppings would you put on your Flatout Pizza? onion, pepperoni, cheese, green pepper

  211. Ironically, my kids love broccoli on their pizza!

  212. Jennifer Reed says:

    I would put artichoke hearts and feta cheese on my pizza.

  213. I’d go for some mushrooms and ham right about now. Pizza sounds good!

  214. extra cheese and pepperoni! yum!

  215. Lanicsha Wynn says:

    Sausage, pepperoni and ham

  216. Alison Wood says:

    We’d go for pepperoni, pineapple, and artichoke hearts.

  217. I would put veggies, cheese, maybe a pesto sauce instead of marinara.

  218. Mary Casper says:

    pepperoni and cheese

  219. melissaandkeith miller says:

    mushroom and pepperroni

  220. cheese & sausage

  221. I would add several different types of cheese!
    lemontart5kb at gmail dot com

  222. Linda Garland says:

    I love meaty pizza but have opted for the healthier veggie version, especially mushrooms.

  223. I’d make it Hawaiian with pineapple and ham

  224. Diane Fisher says:

    Pepperoni and ham

  225. diane Baum says:

    Yummy bbq chicken, onions and cheese

  226. Leslie Stanziani says:

    Italian sausage with onions and mushrooms.

  227. Pepperoni!

  228. I’d put mushrooms, black olives and feta cheese on my pizza

  229. mushrooms and pepperoni for me and just cheese for the kids
    tcogbill at live dot com

  230. Melanie Montgomery says:

    Cheese and pepperoni

  231. Cheese, mushrooms, and olives

  232. Amber Porter says:

    Cheese, oninons, and green peppers.

  233. Diana Stanhope says:

    Onions and black olives.

  234. Melissa VandenBerg says:

    Ham, pineapple and cheese

  235. I like pepperoni

  236. I’d put ham and pepperoni on it

  237. Pepperoni and sausage or bacon and chunked chicken!

  238. Pepperoni rocks!

  239. Debra Hall says:

    ham,cheese and pineapple

  240. Kim Fernandez says:

    Ham, black olives, and mushrooms

  241. Mary DeBorde says:

    I’m a vegan, so lots and LOTS of yummy veggies 🙂

  242. Bacon and Onions.

  243. Would love this!!

  244. Pepperoni!

  245. veggies

  246. Wendy Pogrant says:

    sausage and mushrooms

  247. I would put muhroms onions black olives and pepper on my pizza

  248. I would do a Margherita pizza–mozzarella, tomatoes and basil.

  249. Jennifer C says:

    I like Hawaiian style pizza.

  250. Valerie Taylor Mabrey says:

    vmkids3 at msn dot com

  251. pepperoni and pineapple. Thanks.

  252. Cody Anderson says:

    Pineapple and onions

  253. Pepperoni, Sausage, and Bacon. Yummmm (:

  254. Brenda Robinson says:

    pepperoni and bacon

  255. ham and mushrooms!

  256. David Haug says:

    Chicken, onions, and bell peppers

  257. Victoria R. says:

    Definitely extra cheese!

  258. Candice Hull says:

    Vegan cheese, mushrooms, black olives, green olives, grilled onions…yummy
    thank you

  259. Lots and lots of cheese.

  260. Green olives and mushrooms is what I’d put.

  261. Shirley Hicks says:

    pepperoni,cheese , mild pepper rings

  262. Mary Cloud says:

    Cheese and Pepperoni
    annabella @ centurytel dot net

  263. Pepperoni and cheese

  264. I would put pepperoni on it

  265. Libby Mann says:

    Canadian bacon, mushrooms and black olives.

  266. Cheese, jalapenos, pineapple and bell peppers. 🙂 Thank you.

  267. I would put green onions and olives.

  268. pepperoni and cheese

  269. Extra cheese and broccoli!

  270. Pauline Mendes says:

    some chicken, tomatoes, and a light alfredo sauce!

  271. SassyPants213 says:

    I like pepperoni, black olive and mushroom.

  272. Feta cheese, bacon, pineapple, and black olives

  273. Danielle Wood says:

    just cheese, keep it simple

  274. Vikki Billings says:

    I would put pepperoni, sausage, mushrooms and black olives and lots of cheese!

  275. Lucy Schwartz says:

    It would be sausage, mushrooms and onions with extra cheese.

  276. Breanne Tennant says:


  277. Sausage, green peppers, onion, black olives, tomatoes and lots of cheese

  278. Kathy Artis says:

    Ham & mushrooms & cheese of course.

  279. rebecca shockley says:

    Spinach and mushrooms

  280. Jennifer Roberts says:

    Mushroom & Olive!!

  281. Jmstrunk (Sybille) says:

    Bacon, onions, olives, tomatoes, palm hearts, and extra cheese.

  282. i LIKE pepperoni and extra cheese on mine

  283. Onions & peppers.

  284. tracey byram says:

    Italian sausage, mushrooms and lots and lots of cheese.

  285. Extra cheese!

  286. marilyn crider says:

    cheese, tomatoes, mushroom

  287. Sheila Hickmon says:

    I would put ham and pineapple! Thanks!

  288. Mya Murphy says:

    pepperoni and sausage

  289. Kari Flores says:

    Mushrooms, jalapenos and pepperoni.

  290. Michelle Tucker says:

    Pineapple and bacon. IT’s our standard go to on a pizza.

  291. extra cheese and buffalo chicken

  292. Mushrooms

  293. Pepperoni and bacon

  294. linda matson says:

    extra cheese

  295. Stacy Wheeler says:

    Extra cheese. If I was feeling particularly adventurous I’d go with pepperoni!

  296. Pepperoni , pineapple

  297. kelley wood says:

    cheese and pepperoni

  298. My favorite is sausage.
    jofo120 at yahoo dot com

  299. Tiffany Hearn says:

    I would make a pepperoni with mushroom pizza with the Spicy Italian Flatout crust!

  300. onion bacon peppersss cheessee

  301. Mushroom, broccoli and extra cheese.

  302. Heather Simone says:


  303. Nicole Larsen says:

    either sliced tomatoes or raw carrots after it’s cooked!

  304. black olives, mushrooms, banana peppers, onions, swiss cheese

  305. I like things simple. I would make pepperonni with extra cheese

  306. kathy pease says:

    id use onions,green peppers,mushrooms and pepperoni

  307. Melina Ramirez says:

    cheese and sausage

  308. lots of veggies and pineapple

  309. Pineapple and Ham .

  310. michelle bryan says:


  311. we love pepperoni

  312. i would put onions, bell peppers and mushrooms on it!

  313. Bobbie Jo Gardella says:

    Onions, fresh tomatoes, black olives, and Motz. Mmmmmmmmmm

  314. Lillian Greibesland says:

    I would put pepperoni, onion, and green bell peppers on my pizza! yum yum yummmm

  315. Kat Emerick says:

    sliced tomatoes and mozzeralla cheese.

  316. onions,green peppers,mushrooms and sausage

  317. I love pineapple pizza

  318. Susan Smith says:

    sauage onions cheese and mushrooms

  319. Pepperoni and extra cheese

  320. Veggies — except mushrooms — not a fan of mushrooms!

  321. Paula Tavernie says:

    Pepperoni Sausage and Cheese!
    ptavernie at yahoo dot com

  322. mushrooms, peppers and pepperoni

  323. Starr Greenwell says:

    pepparoni, mushrooms and spinich

  324. mushrooms and maybe bacon

  325. michelle jonassen says:

    peppers and broccoli

  326. Jessica Rose says:

    Sausage and Onions!

  327. Cheese

  328. pepperoni and mushrooms

  329. just cheese

  330. Charlene Shaver says:

    I would put sausage & pepperoni on it 🙂

  331. Pepperoni and peppers

  332. jenn poulin says:

    cheese and black olives

  333. extra cheese and mushrooms

  334. mushroom olives tomato

  335. Tomato sauce and 4 cheeses.

  336. Michelle S says:

    Pineapple, ham, and green pepper

  337. I would put Mushrooms, Onions, Cheese, Pepperoni, Olives, and Green Peppers on my Pizza!

  338. I’d put like ‘meat lovers’ & cheese with some veggies thrown in! 🙂

  339. jeanne conner says:

    I like peperoni and lots of cheese

  340. I like bacon, onion and sausage.

  341. Onions, onion hahaha, onions onions lalala

  342. Tanya White says:

    mushrooms, onions, peppers, olives and lots of cheese.

  343. I’d put on some onions and mushrooms

  344. sausage

  345. Extra cheese, sausage, onions and green peppers.

  346. Spicy Italian sausage, onions, jalapenos, and mushrooms.

  347. Corn, jalapeño, mushrooms

  348. I would add Chicken, Mushrooms, and Onions!! Do Love Pizza!!!

  349. Lisa Fonseca says:

    Cheese, cheese and more cheese. 🙂

  350. Julie Jones says:


  351. Michelle M says:

    cheese, garlic, and chicken

  352. cheese and pepperoni

  353. Pepperoni and Feta Cheese.

  354. Cant go wrong with pepperoni

  355. Ham & Pineapple

  356. I would put garlic, artichokes, mushrooms, and red onions on my pizza.

  357. I would load it up with black olives and onions.

  358. Susan King says:

    I’d top my Flatout Pizza with cheese, ham, and fresh pineapple.

  359. James Coyne says:


  360. TIA BEVERLY says:


  361. Rich Hicks says:

    pepperoni, italian sausage cheese

    ardy22 at earthlink dot net

  362. carol lewis says:

    mushrooms, peppers, and onion

  363. Erica Heft says:

    Pineapples and ham

  364. Tomato, feta and kalamata olives

  365. I would put pepperoni on it!

  366. Saver Sara says:

    Ham and Pineapple

  367. Thanks for the giveaway… onions & green peppers.

  368. Italian sausage & onions

  369. Melissa Nix says:


  370. I’m thinking spinach and chicken 🙂

  371. Ellen Russell says:

    Pepperoni and cheese is my absolute favorite!

  372. Chicken, artichoke, and bacon!

  373. Cheese, sausage, chicken.

  374. julie hawkins says:

    pepperoni and mushroom

  375. pepperoni, extra cheese & mushrooms

  376. Elizabeth Miller says:

    I would put mushrooms.

  377. pepperoni and olives.

  378. green peppers, onion, sausage

  379. mushrooms & black olives
    Happy New Year!
    Thanks for the contest.

  380. Mushrooms!

  381. Brandi Morgan says:

    Great site!!! Thank you 🙂

  382. Tomato and Peppers!

  383. Marcy Strahan says:

    I would put Pepperoni, Low Fat pepper Jack Chesse, Green Onions & maybe a few peppers!

  384. Angela Cash says:

    I like mushrooms and jalapenos.

  385. jade tallen says:


  386. Buddy Garrett says:

    I would put Pepperoni, cheese. onions and bell peppers on it.

  387. Italian sausage and mushrooms

  388. Pepperoni all the way!
    wendy2lindsey at yahoo dot com