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#BlogHer12 Day Three

Friday was day 2 of BlogHer and my third day in New York.  We had an early appointment with Highlights to learn about their new baby magazine called Highlights Hello! I’ll be telling you more about the magazine soon. The breakfast was ok, but quick. We then met up with our other friends to grab some bacon from the Hilton before heading out to more events. (When at BlogHer you grab food whenever you have the chance because you don’t know when your next chance to eat will be.) After Highlights, my friends and I headed over to the Mom Select Swag Suite. We donated our time to help out for an hour. One of the things I really like about the Mom Select
“party” is that it’s a great place to meet with the brands. They have their sponsors set up booths so you can talk to them. It’s much better than just getting a bag of swag with no contact info.

After that we headed back to the Hilton to attend the Verizon Wireless lunch. I hate to admit it, but I was totally not impressed. I was actually not impressed at all about how Verizon was represented at the conference. I did get to see a cool gadget watch that they have available now that I’d really love to look into getting. The lunch was chicken and I believe it was supposed to be salad like, but I’m not sure as a piece of my chicken still had the bone in it. The chicken was cold. They took a really long time to get the talking started and I felt horrible when I had to walk out of the lunch in the middle of a speech that a lady was giving about domestic violence just to make my next appointment.  I also went to their booth later in the day and I was met with indifference and people ignoring me. I know my PR reps from Savvy Gourmets were there somewhere and they’re great, but they weren’t the people at the booth when I went. I just wish that companies would think about who they have manning their booths because they give their companies bad impressions with ignorant people manning their booths.

I had to run from Verizon up to my room to change into workout clothes for a workout with Bowflex Core Body Reformer. I fell in love with the product. It’s a great way to work on your core muscles. My rear and abs were hurting the next day! My friend Lisa actually won a Reformer during our workout. I’m so happy for her because she’s working so hard at becoming healthy. After my Bowflex class I showered and finally headed to the expo hall to meet a PR rep and look around. I met with Change the Cycle, which you’ll be hearing more about soon, and then walked around the expo hall for about an hour and a half. Besides meeting the reps that I already had a relationship with, I was not at all impressed by the expo this year. I felt like there was nothing there for me and maybe it’s just because I’m becoming more selective. I’m not really sure, but I left the hall feeling done with it and having no need to go back again. I was so worried that I wouldn’t have enough time in my schedule for the expo and found that I had way more than I would need.

After the expo I went back to my room to start going through my bags a bit. I had to sort through to see what would make the first cut to go back home with me. I ended up going down to the deli across the street to grab dinner and then we headed out to Desserts After Dark. It was sponsored by Discount Mags. It was hosted on the second floor of a sushi restaurant. They had little finger desserts, wine and karaoke. They had a few vendors to talk to there as well. I really enjoy being able to mingle with the brands. After our dessert we headed back to the Hilton for Sparklecorn which is an official BlogHer party. It was nice to hang out with my friends and to see Lori dressed up like Bella as a vampire. I finally met Marshall from Disney. I was very surprised when he actually took a few minutes to talk to me. He could have been rude and just shook my hand, said “nice to meet you” and turned around to all the women throwing themselves at him, but instead he engaged in conversation with me, asking me how my conference was going, etc. I was very happy to have finally met him face to face.

blogher12, 2012, unicorn cakeFriday was an amazingly long day, and overall, a good one. I ended up walking 4.25 miles this day. Not as much as the two days before, but with shin splints, it was hard to walk as quickly as you need to for getting to places on time.

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  1. I loved Highlights as a kid and need to get a subscription for my kids. So far we have found a great kids magazine called Clubhouse Junior from focus on the family. The kids love it. Sounds like you had an exciting trip. Look forward to reading the rest of your adventures.

  2. I love how much of our trip revolved around food. Can’t imagine why I have to lose these same damn pounds for the third time now.
    Lisa @ Oh Boy Oh Boy Oh Boy´s last blog post ..10 Pounds!?!?!? Wordless (ish) Wednesday {Linky} #WW

    • You probably shouldn’t travel with me because most of my trips revolve around food. 🙂