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What’s Your Love Language?

My husband and I were talking tonight about someone I’ve met recently at homeschool co-op and I said that I think her love language is Acts of Service. He had no idea what I was talking about so I pulled out “Dr.Google” and looked it up so I could explain it to him. I read […]

How my past shaped my future

I was taking a silly quiz this morning on Facebook asking me which of the top 250 movies I’ve seen before. I think I got a 65. It got me thinking, though, because as I clicked some of the movies I would think about whom I watched those movies with in my past. I then […]

I love you?

Lately I have been trying to tell my husband and children “I love you” as much as I can (without being annoying.) What brought this on? Well, besides the love of my family, on September 12 this year I was listening to the Homily at church and Father Gavin asked us three questions. If you […]