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Cadbury Caramel Brownie Skillet

When it comes to caramel, it is my kryptonite! Give me anything that has caramel and I’m in heaven! My mom used to love the original Cadbury egg, but I can’t eat them because they cause a headache for me. When Cadbury came out with the caramel egg, though… yum!! 5 from 3 votes Print […]

Kids in the Kitchen: Brownie Sundae

This week feels like such a blur. I barely cooked, yet my kitchen became a disaster. Yesterday I’d had enough of eating out and having a mess. I got through about half of the mess in the kitchen and I made meatloaf, mashed potatoes and corn for dinner. I decided to make brownies, too, which […]

Brownie Bite Roses

Are you looking for something sweet to make for your sweet for Valentine’s Day? How about candy dipped brownie bite roses? These are really easy if you have a Wilton Round Brownie Pop Mold and some Wilton candy melts. Ingredients Brownie Mix (and needed ingredients to make the mix) Wilton Brownie Pop Mold non-stick cooking […]