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BabyQ 8 Months Old

8 months old

Last week Q turned 8 months. She’s just getting bigger and bigger. Where did that tiny baby go that I let sleep on my chest for the first month? I already miss infant BabyQ! She has started crawling and getting into everything now. I bought some gates earlier this week and they come today. I’ll feel much better when I know she’s in the room with us instead of off in another room getting into trouble!

Starting to stand

Of course, once they start crawling, standing is right around the corner. She’s now crawling over to furniture and trying to pull herself up. She’s only stood a few times, but it won’t be long before she’s standing all the time and then walking… AHHH! I still can not complain about this baby at all. She is the happiest, easiest baby I’ve ever met. She is starting to have a touch of separation anxiety, but not a whole lot. She’s fine as long as she doesn’t see me.

8 month collage

While at the doctor last week for a check up for Little Man I was able to sneak her onto the weight table and get her weight. I didn’t get her length, though.


Date Age Length Weight
1/24/2014 Birth 20″ 9 lb
1/27/2014 3 days 20″ 7 lb 14 oz
1/31/2014 7 days 20.5″ 8 lb 4 oz
2/7/2014 2 weeks 20.75″ 8 lb 6 oz
2/24/2014 1 month 21.75″ 8 lb 12 oz
3/24/2014 2 months 23.5″ 10 lb 2 oz
5/27/2014 4 months 23.75″ 11 lb 5 oz
8/20/2014 7 months 24.5″ 12 lb 13 oz
9/24/2014 8 months ? 15 lb 12 oz

The kids still love her so much and are a great help with her. Monkey takes care of her in the mornings while the boys get started on schoolwork and then she gets started once BabyQ goes down for nap. She has started clapping and saying “yay”. It’s so cute and I have no idea where she picked it up from!

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  1. Heather H says:

    I love baby Q she is so cute!!!

  2. Gosh she is cute, Paula! I love her little personality – even though I haven’t met her for real yet!
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