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Stay Warm on the go with TrailHopper

TrailHopper to keep you warm

It’s starting to cool off around here… well, depending on the day! BabyQ needs to stay warm when we are out and about at all of our sports and scouting events. I have blanket sleepers for her to stay warm in if she’s sleeping, but what about when we are out and about and she needs to be in her stroller? Regular blanket sleepers won’t allow you to strap the baby in to the stroller or car seat. The TrailHopper allows the baby to be strapped in, because it’s a blanket with legs!

TrailHopper will keep you warm

Another thing that is totally awesome about the TrailHopper is you can wear your baby in a baby carrier that comes between the legs! I haven’t had a chance lately to carry Q in my meitei carrier, but I bet I will before Fall is over! Also, BabyQ is on the go now. Having legs in the TrailHopper means I can put her down on the ground to crawl and she still stays warm and her clothes stay clean underneath the TrailHopper.

Have you ever been walking along, pushing baby in the stroller and the next thing you know you have run over the blanket? The TrailHopper stops that from happening since it’s ON the baby; she can’t throw it overboard! I have fallen in love with my TrailHopper. We’ve used it for soccer games, apple picking, and camping so far. BabyQ fell asleep with the TrailHopper on one evening while camping and I was able to transfer her from the stroller to bed and she stayed warm all night!

Stay Warm with TrailHopper

The TrailHopper comes with it’s own pouch to store it in. The pouch has a carabiner clip which allows you to clip it to your stroller or diaper bag to always have it with you.  I like that it has a toe flap that you can flip over to keep the feet nice and toasty as well. The TrailHopper is proudly made in the U.S.A. The TrailHopper retails for $65. Shoppers have a wide choice of nine colors like Gum Drop (soft lavender) to Cactus (lime green with a dark purple trim) or Frost Blue (rich blue with lime green zipper). Choose online one of three sizes: 0-6 months, 6 -18 months and 18 months-2T. To see the blankets on active toddlers, look through their website Gallery ( or their Facebook page. I had a hard time choosing between the Cactus and Pink Solitaire that I went with. I actually love all the colors and want more than one! Maybe I’ll get Cactus in the next size up for her!

This is definitely one of my favorite items I’ve gotten for review for BabyQ so far! If you want to pick one up for yourself or for a gift for that special baby in your life, you can use the coupon code Blog20 until September 30 to save 20% off!


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