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Week 4 #40BagsIn40Days Challenge


Last week I didn’t get much accomplished. Knowing I had spring break coming up with the kids this week, I wanted to have all of my work scheduled if possible. So in order to meet deadlines, I was writing, A LOT, last week to make it happen. We also decided to take a last minute vacation, so I was getting the guest room ready (what this post is about), doing laundry, and packing. I also had to get the van ready to go with new tires and an oil change.

Guest Bedroom Clean Up #40BagsIn40Days

Sorry about the super blur on that bottom picture. I had no idea it was blurry until I went to edit. If I only showed the top picture you wouldn’t get the whole picture. This room is a catch all for all unused baby/toddler items and our camping items as well as the fact that it’s supposed to be a guest room. I wish the closet had a door so we could at least put things out of site.

Guest Bedroom Clean up #40BagsIn40Days

I was able to put all our extra blankets that were on the bed up on the top shelf of the closet and the baby mattress and other items are now in the closet again where they belong. The giant carseat is still out in the room, but it’s pushed up against the wall next to the couch so it’s out of the way. It really needs a nice vase of flowers on the dresser to bring some more color into the room. At least the sheets and stuff are clean and smell good for our pet sitter!

This week I’m going to start going through those books I wanted to go through last week and maybe start working on the play room in the basement going through toys. That’s always easiest when kids aren’t around, though, so we’ll see. How is your organization coming at your house?

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  1. I’m concentrating on packing but really going through everything to get rid of items I don’t need. I’m hoping if/when we move to start fresh and get organized.
    Colleen´s last blog post ..Marvel Heroes, Harry Potter, Dinosaurs, and More!

  2. I’ve been doing it! I’m so encouraged by you that I’ve been donating (sometimes more often) and am already up to 14 bags!
    Penelope´s last blog post ..Whole Grains Made Easy With @Roman_Meal Bread (+ A $2,500 Sweeps)

  3. Wow. I love your guest room. It’s neat and tidy and very welcoming all in one. That bed just screams comfort to me.
    Crystal Green´s last blog post ..Mom in the Mirror–The Life Starter!

  4. I have a mess on my hands over here as far as organization goes! I have so much that needs doing and no time to do it.
    Liz Mays´s last blog post ..It’s a Blast! Solitaire with Arcade-Style Fun #FSBlast

  5. vanessa: thequeenofswag says:

    I can’t wait to start doing this challenge in my house.

  6. Looks like you did a good job cleaning that room. You can use a curtain rod and some fabric to make a door for the closet.
    Angela´s last blog post ..The First Years City Chic Jet Stroller

  7. Wow! Great job, like I said before I should do this challenge!
    Theresa @ Faith and Family Reviews´s last blog post ..Disney’s Planes: Fire & Rescue

  8. I’ve just started spring cleaning. I’m going through one room at a time decluttering and giving it a thorough cleaning. I have the kitchen down with 5 more rooms and 3 baths to go. Sigh.
    Donna´s last blog post ..You can “Ask Hunter” Hayes a Question AND Help End #ChildHunger #spon

  9. We just recently stared something similar and I can’t believe how messy my house is lol.
    Ty´s last blog post ..Need a ride? Get Uber – For FREE!

  10. Great job! I have a ton of stuff sitting in our office/den area. Graduation and Easter supplies as well as blog review stuff is just everywhere in that room. I had to do a vlog last week and I literally had to put a blanket over the bookshelf because it was so unsightly from my webcam LOL.
    Tammy Litke (@threedifferent)´s last blog post ..Chocolate Peanut Butter Cookies

  11. We stay pretty organized around here, but there are always things we can get rid of.
    Toni´s last blog post ..Discovery Education 3M Young Scientist Challenge

  12. We just cleaned out the house and a garage sale this weekend. It felt good to get rid of stuff and get space back.
    Lisa´s last blog post ..Sofia The First: The Floating Palace DVD + Round Up of Sofia The First Freebies

  13. I haven’t been home all week, so my organization hasn’t been going anywhere, but I am determined to get the house organized before I head out on our summer trip in less than 30 days! I think the room looks great, you did a fantastic job!
    Kathleen B´s last blog post ..Creamy Spinach and Bacon Dip

  14. Love this challenge and the way you’re approaching it really makes me want to clean up and clean out!
    TerriAnn @ Cookies & Clogs´s last blog post ..Avid4 Adventure Summer Camp Now in Berkeley & Oakland!

  15. I really need to start getting organized and cleaning house, especially the garage.
    Lauren (Lolo)´s last blog post ..Doing the Happy Dance

  16. I need to do this challenge. I have so much stuff around here that I don’t need.
    Crystal @ Simply Being´s last blog post ..The Perfect Grilled Porterhouse Pork Chop