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Find Science Fair Inspiration with Netflix!

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Did you ever participate in a science fair? I can only remember participating in one as a kid. I decided to compare the differences between different waters: tap, lake (stagnant water), and river (moving water). I used my very cool microscope, which I wish I still had, and made a slide of each water that people could check out. I drew pictures on my big trifold and wrote up all the information needed. I really don’t remember much more than that and the fact that I got TWO blue ribbons for it. I’m not sure if that was some kind of mistake, but I sure felt awesome for getting TWO blue ribbons.

Buddy is wanting to do a science fair project this year. I think it’s time we start looking for inspiration, because I have no idea what to work on with him and even how to DO a science fair project anymore! Netflix sent me out a list of awesome shows to check out to get some science fair ideas so I want to share them with you as well in case you’re in need like me!

Netflix Science Fair Ideas #NetflixKids

1. How Stuff Works
2. How Do They Do It
3. Is It Possible?
4. Build It Bigger
5. How the Universe Works
6. Extreme Engineering
7. Mythbusters

Netflix Science Fair Ideas #NetflixKids

1. Jimmy Neutron Boy Genius
2. Peep and the Big Wide World
3. Magic School Bus: All Dried Up
4. Animal Mechanicals
5. Wild Kratts

I personally LOVE watching Myth Busters. It’s fun when they start blowing things up just because they can! I admit I’ve never seen any of the other adult based shows they recommend. I know my kids LOVE watching Jimmy Neutron, Magic School Bus, and Wild Kratts. Funny story: When Buddy started watching Wild Kratts on PBS he came in and told me Wild Craps were going to be at the zoo. I had NO idea what he was talking about and couldn’t understand why they would name a kid’s show Wild Craps! Silly kids!

Turns out our science fair is scheduled for May 1, so it’s definitely time to get going on it seeing that we’re about to come into sports season and I don’t want to fall behind with practices and games. We’re going to have Buddy in Pinto league baseball, Monkey in soccer, and Little Man in Tee-Ball; this is on top of Girl and Cub Scouts. I will need some sanity in a few months! If your child is doing a science fair this year, do you know what you’re going to do yet? Have you done a science fair in the past with your child? I’d love to hear about it!

Note:  I am a member of the Netflix Steam Team and will be sharing our family time experiences, ideas and inspiration with you each month. I received a Netflix subscription and a Roku 3 in order to facilitate my participation in this program.

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  1. Oh if you can’t find a good science experiment with Myth Busters then you are doing something wrong LOL.

  2. I love MythBusters, too!! SUCH a great show!

    I am not ready for science fair projects – but I guess I should prepare myself. I am sure James will have to do one next year.

  3. So many options and titles for finding inspiration. thanks so much for the list.

  4. Science fair is May 1? We haven’t heard anything yet. Madison wants to do something with Pop Rocks.

  5. Nice suggestions. Since I’ve homeschooled my daughter since she was young, we’ve never been a part of a science fair. We should do it one time just for the sake of trying something at least once and knowing how it works 🙂

  6. They really do have some great programs on Netflix. I’ve been away from a while because I have Amazon Prime. But, I’ve been thinking about going back for more variety.

  7. My husband likes myth busters…I didn’t know there was a show version of how stuff works!

  8. We watch Myth Busters a lot in our house too. I am not ready to have to do Science projects, but it’s definitely coming with a vengenance whether or not I want it too. I was eager to see what you had to say about the shows Netflix suggested. Johnny Neutron is a really cute little cartoon.

  9. When I was in school, science fair was something I always look forward to even though I didn’t do well in science class. However, I somehow always managed to get 1st or 2nd place. ~lol~

  10. My husband does the science fair projects. All I do is print and help him arrange his board. He really understand the PROCESS. That’s the most important thing – the scientific process and having all the steps. It doesn’t have to be a fancy idea. We did a potato battery but compared if an organic potato made a better battery than a regular one.

    We have never watched Mythbuster, I assume it’s family friendly?

    • Charlie said Mythbusters isn’t horrible but there are definite instances that are not family friendly. Hope that helps! It’s DEFINITELY entertaining for an adult crowd, though. Check it out!

  11. I can definitely see where you could get tons of inspiration from these shows.

  12. Shell Feis says:

    My husband watches the first 7 of those all the time! My son loves Magic School Bus and he likes Wild Kratts but we always forget about that show. I need to add it to my queue!

  13. I’ll have to remember this next year when the science project comes up.

  14. My daughter loves watching Mythbusters. I often try and find episodes and topics for her that fit in with her homeschool science lessons for a fun (but educational!) escape from the textbooks.

  15. I love Netflix to find anything I am interested in watching.

  16. I used to love watching MythBusters, but haven’t in a long time. I bet my kids would love to watch stuff like that on Netflix. Great idea! 🙂

  17. We love the Magic School Bus. One of their co-op classes is using that show to teach science right now.