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Dream Big With Konica Minolta’s Dream Printer

I participated in a campaign for Mom Central Consulting (#MC) on behalf of Konica Minolta. I received a promotional item as a thank you for participating.

Dream PrinterOur kids grow up WAY too fast and it seems that in today’s time they grow up even faster. In our family we like to do things with the kids to help them cultivate their dreams and do things to stay innocent as long as possible. I remember when Monkey got done with Preschool two years ago, her dream was to become a Princess Cowgirl. Little Man says he’s going to have a family and live with us… hahaha. That’s funny! I think he still just doesn’t want to leave my side. I’m not sure about Buddy. He says he wants to be a baseball player. He’s really good with money, so hopefully he does something as a backup that deals with that as well.

Konica Minolta, an industry leader in Business Technologies, especially Production Printing, wants to celebrate extending children’s imaginations and encouraging big dreaming with the “Giving Shape to Ideas” initiative. As part of this initiative, they set up a “Dream Printer” in a park in New York where kids could walk up to it and share their dreams and it would print a picture of them doing their dream.

My kids would have LOVED that printer! What are your kid’s dreams? Please share the above video to help inspire other people to encourage their kid’s dreams!


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  1. This is such a neat idea! My kids would love to try that.
    Kim @ What’s That Smell?´s last blog post ..Dear Santa – take two

  2. Mariaelena says:

    So cool! My son would love that, he has such a big imagination. One day he says he wants to be one thing and the next day he wants to be another.

  3. As the artist inside the box drawing the kids, I’ll add that it was one of my more unusual jobs but enjoyable nevertheless. The kids had a ball and I enjoyed bantering with them as the Dream Printer. Heard some fun reactions from them too from inside my little “doghouse.” Always a kick to bring that out of people.