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Mamavation and Omron Challenge Week 1

Last week I told you that I am starting to compete in a weekly challenge by Omron Fitness and Mamavation. The challenge officially started yesterday. I started working on my weight since I applied for the competition. My weight when I applied for the #IHeartOmoron challenge I weighed 215. Yesterday when I weighed in…

That’s right! I’m already down 5.2 pounds! I’m trying, HARD, this time. I’m going to do this thing! Not only am I doing the #IHeartOmron challenge, but I’m doing an extra workout on the side. I’m trying  doing the Les Mills Combat training as well. Yesterday was day 2 for me. This post isn’t about that, though. This is about me trying to do something to change myself. I took my before pictures yesterday and I was sickened by them. It is TIME to change this. It is time to make me a slimmer, healthier me. A friend of mine told me this yesterday:

You’re the same wonderful person before or after. Losing weight won’t make you smarter, kinder, or sweeter. NEVER forget that. Celebrate your success but don’t hate your body as it is.

Connie was very smart to say that and made me feel warm and fuzzy. The thing is, I know I’m overweight, but I don’t really “see” myself that way. I guess I’ve gotten good at finding clothes that hide my weight. Seeing my before picture, though, ugh.  (Warning.. this is not pleasant)

Now, I could have posted pictures in my regular clothes, but like I said, I don’t feel like I look that big in my clothes. So, I’ve bared myself. I’m putting it all out there. I hope that you’ll come along and support me on my journey. One last thing I want to share with you, my measurements:

Chest: 44″

Waist: 43″

Hips: 50″

Left Arm: 14″

Right Arm: 14″

Left Thigh: 26″

Right Thigh: 26″

Left Calf: 17.5″

Right Calf: 17.5″

Clothing size: 18

Check out this welcome video Bob Greene left for the bloggers chosen for this challenge:

**Full Disclosure: This post is sponsored Omron Fitness as a collaboration with Bookieboo Blogging Network and Mamavation – a community dedicated to weight loss for women and obesity prevention for families.  I was provided with product and compensation for my time and honest opinions. 

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Paula Krueger considers herself a “baby “chef, not because she cooks for babies, but because she’s still learning how to cook. She started this blog after taking Wilton method classes and at that point was more interested in baking. She’s since become more interested in learning to cook as her family has grown. She also covers product reviews and travel as well.


  1. Good for you. The fact you put on workout clothes for this really does speak to your commitment. Rooting for you!
    Liz @ A Nut in a Nutshell´s last blog post ..Get Happy App – A Little Boost of Happiness Every Day!

  2. We are gonna rock this thing!

    Connie is a smart lady!

    And, I don’t “see” myself as overweight either. When I look down, I don’t see all the extra fat.
    Sara Phillips´s last blog post ..Ready for Week 1!! #Mamavation #iHeartOmron

  3. I just wanted to say ho proud I am of you. It takes balls to post a picture of yourself, but I know your results will be amazing!!! I too sometimes forget how much my clothes hide! Best of luck and I am so excited to see your progress

  4. You rock!!!! Just don’t try to do too much that you burn yourself out entirely!!!!!!!!!!!!! Slow and steady wins the race…well and healthy living isn’t really a race. ah, you know what I mean! Life changes not gimmicks and quick fixes!!!!!
    Lisa @ Oh Boy Oh Boy Oh Boy´s last blog post ..ELVIS LIVES “THE ULTIMATE ELVIS TRIBUTE ARTIST EVENT” To Play The Akoo Theatre at Rosemont March 23, 2013

  5. Connie is totally right.

    Good for you for the accountability you gave yourself in this post. I’m so proud of your commitment to this and I know you will rock it!
    Kim @ What’s That Smell?´s last blog post ..Gluten-Free Meatball Recipe #paleo #glutenfree

  6. Congratulations on your weight loss so far! That is amazing! I love your motivation putting up actual pics, that will help you SO much to keep accountable. I hope you have an awesome week!
    Joanna @way2gomom´s last blog post ..I am a Mamavation Finalist!

  7. monica young says:

    good luck with the challenge and congrats on the pounds you have lost so far

  8. Connie is very right! You can do this, good luck with it and congrats on the weight lost already!!!
    Nichol´s last blog post ..Discuss Safe Medicine Storage with Kids Free Printable Coloring Sheets

  9. Paula, you are awesome for doing this and putting yourself out there. Takes a lot of bravery to do that and to dig deep and work at losing weight. It is never easy, but having you get out there and show that it can be done helps a lot.
    Maryann´s last blog post ..Wordless Wednesday Poinsettia

  10. I can convince myself that all the extra weight really isn’t there too … and then I see myself next to my thin and healthy sisters….. and I realize how far I’ve let myself go.

    Paula — SERIOUSLY impressed with you in this challenge. You have been working your booty off. You’ve been VERY inspirational.

    • Thank you. I just wish it would show on the scale. I’m writing this week’s post now. I had a .6 pound gain. Sigh.