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Meet the newest members of our family

If you follow me on Facebook, you may have seen me complain a few times about our cat Rudolph being pretty mean. He bites a lot. I decided this summer that when I got done with the majority of my trips that I would start looking for another cat to give Rudolph a playmate and someone else for him to chew on besides me and my kids. We had a dog, Sarah, but she’s 12 years old and doesn’t care to play with the cat. There was a point this spring when I almost made arrangements to adopt one of the kittens that Lynsey and Trisha were co-raising until they could get big enough to find homes. Pretty crazy to adopt a kitty from the Gulf Coast when there are pets here in my area that need homes, too. Lynsey ended up keeping all three of the little cuties anyway.

I got home from BlogHer and our family vacation in the Dells and started the hunt for a kitty. The kids and I hit quite a few places and they kept leaving with broken hearts because of all the hoops you have to jump through to adopt. I understand the rules they have, but seriously I just wanted to add another family member to our family and save the life of some little kitty! One place had a rule that I could not adopt a kitten under 6 months old because my kids were so young. I came home and vented on Facebook where I got both sides of the adoption spectrum talking to me. One person told me to try animal control in my old town. The next morning I called over there first to see if they had any cats. She told me she had a mommy cat and a baby along with an older cat that isn’t good with kids. I was looking for boy cats, but something made me go check out these kitties.

Meet Ginger. She’s the Mama kitty. She was almost named Toasted Marshmallow, but I was told that the name was too long. My husband named her Ginger because of her coloring. She was the most gentle, loving cat. She was a little shy but not overly so. Since being at home she’s been the most shy. I’m slightly worried that whoever left her at the shelter not only left her with an about 3 month old kitten, but also left her pregnant. It seems as if her belly is growing. Maybe she’s just getting fat from being able to eat here. That’s what I’m hoping! So far I don’t feel any movement in her belly.

This is Mocha. She’s about 3 months old and Ginger is her mom. Mocha was not really what I wanted to name her but since I was having a hard time coming up with a name myself, I went with my husband’s name for her. There’s something about her eyes that is just weird. Everyone’s noticed it but no one can put their finger on it. Little Man said they look like owl eyes sometimes. Kind of like the top right picture of her. She spends the majority of her days in the arms of Little Man and Monkey. She is the most tolerant cat I’ve ever met. She doesn’t nip or swipe at them even though they’re almost choking her the way they carry her around. She has become Rudolph’s play buddy. I’ve caught them chasing each other around the house and playing on the new kitty condo I bought. I’ve even caught them laying next to each other sleeping once.

They are all becoming one big happy fur family and the good news is that Rudolph has only bit me once in the almost two weeks that we’ve had them home and that was on the second day.  The female population in our house doubled in one night. 🙂 If you’re thinking about getting a pet, please check out your local shelters or Pet Finder and save a life! Both Mocha and Ginger were not at a no-kill shelter. I couldn’t leave one knowing that they may never find a home. I still feel horrible that I had to leave the older cat there, but the lady said that she was not good with kids and I think Charlie may have divorced me over a fourth cat.

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  1. Ginger and Mocha are beautiful!! (I think S’Mores would have been a good name for Mocha!) I am so glad Rudolph has a new playmate!
    Sara Phillips´s last blog post ..#LEGOKidsfest {Austin, TX} Reminder!

  2. Stephanie Hungerford says:

    I love ginger You lucked into a rare Flame Point siamese. If she is pregnat then you may want to get her spayed and aborted before she gets to much bigger. Or if you want then you could take her to the vet and see if they think that she is pregnant. Since she already has a 3 month old kitten if you figure that a cat can get pregnant at just 2 days after delievering kittens it is hard to judge how far along she is. I fostered a little lilac siamese mix that was 7 months old she had 5 kittens and we had to deal with mastitis and she didn’t have enough milk so we had to supliment feed. If she is pregnant and you choose to let it continue and have kittens then I would take to some one either a rescue or some one who has dealt with several different mama cats (aka Queens) with a litter. Because to have healthy kittens can be a lot of work especially if the mother has any health issues. Usually if a cat is gaining weight fast enough that in a few days or a week your noticing it usually the cat is pregnant. You usually do not feel movement until just a few days before delivery. ask me any questions you want if she does turn out to be pregnant.


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