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Florida EcoSafaris #brandcation

It’s now time to tell you about my absolute favorite part of Brandcation: Florida EcoSafaris!
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Forever Florida is out in my last neighborhood in Florida. It was so fun to drive past my house that day. I loved seeing that middle of nowhere place in Central Florida.

Forever Florida, a 4700 acre eco-ranch and wildlife conservation area boasting beautifully untamed wilderness, natural streams, wetlands and dense cypress forests.Choose your own fully-guided adventure:Coach Safari, Horseback Safari or soar over it all on Florida’s only Zipline Safari™!

Petting a skunk. Photo courtesy of Lisa at

Forever Florida isn’t just about the tourism, though. Allen Broussard asked his parents to continue to take back the lands around their ranch for conservation. They use the money they take in from the tours to help keep their conservatory running. I am a HUGE animal nut. My Dad was a naturalist and had a license to take care of injured and orphaned animals. I was raised with raccoons, skunks, owls, hawks, rabbits, opossums, you name it! When I lived out in Holopaw, I found out about Forever Florida and couldn’t wait for my son to get old enough to take him there and enjoy it. Unfortunately we moved away from there before that happened. (He was 2 when we left.) Lisa, Lynsey and I were talking about taking a weekend to go back and visit Florida and experience the overnight horseback safari.

So! Here’s what you’ve been waiting for, our fun adventure of the day:

Introducing Florida’s First and Only Zipline Safari!

See the wilds of Forever Florida like never before – from high up in the treetops! Our NEW Zipline Safari will take you on a two and a half hour adventure like none other, reaching heights of 55 feet and speeds up to 25 mph!

First we had to climb this:

Photo courtesy of Kim at

I’ve always been scared of heights and that platform was scary! The first time I stepped off that platform was very scary! By the last zip, though, I was very comfortable and fell in love with it. If I still lived out there I’d definitely be seeing about getting a job doing this! Unfortunately I forgot my camera back at the house, so I got no pictures. Luckily Katie got video of me, see below:

I most definitely recommend Forever Florida to you if you want to do something exciting and NOT Disney while in Central Florida. Make sure you say hi to my old house as you drive by, too 😉

Designed For Excitement!

  • Safari consists of 7 “zips” and 2 sky- bridges over 3 different ecosystems
  • Dual line setup
  • Duration – 2 1/2 hours but with checkin and transport, allow 4 hours onsite
  • Maximum height – 55′
  • Maximum speed – 25 MPH
  • Longest run – 750 feet
  • 9 Observation Platforms
  • Pricing: $85 for adults and children ages 10 years and older who meet the 70 lb minimum weight and 275 lb maximum weight
  • Reservations required – call toll free 1-866-85-4EVER

Thank you to Forever Florida for hosting us for the day and showing us awesome hospitality and a great time! Thank you Brandfluential for putting together Brandcation Kissimmee for us to enjoy!

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  1. I loved this part of our trip too, and it would be such a cool job to take people on Zipline tours every day!

  2. That sounds like a total blast!

  3. Oh man that looks like a blast!! woot woot

  4. I’ve always wanted to go zip-lining, it looks like SO much fun!

  5. Lorayne Gothard says:

    This is super cool!! I have been looking for something in Florida that would entertain my teenager, and this would be perfect!! Thank you


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