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S’mores Cookie #Recipe #25DaysofChristmas

Today’s cookie was a HUGE hit when I brought it to our Cub Scouts Leader Meeting. I came home with 3 cookies left over! Today I’m featuring S’mores cookies! As you can see, Monkey was very much enjoying these cookies. I love how she’s double-fisting: cookie in one hand and apple in the other. I had […]

Pilgrim Hats

Sticking with the Thanksgiving theme here, I made some Pilgrim hats! 🙂 Ingredients: Striped or dipped cookies Marshmallows black candy melts or chocolate chips Yellow frosting Directions: Melt chocolate or candies according to package directions. (do not add water! It will freeze your chocolate up) Lay out cookies, striped side down. Dip marshmallows in chocolate […]

Wordless Wednesday: Dipped Halloween Marshmallows

Visit Oh My Sugar High for more about these.

Frankenstein Marshmallows #halloween

How cute are these guys? They’re really easy to make. Ingredients: Marshmallows Green Wilton Candy Melts Black Wilton Candy Melts Lollipop Sticks decorating bag or black glitter paint Directions: Stick lollipop sticks into your marshmallows Melt the green candies and dip marshmallows in the candy Let harden for a few minutes Melt the black candies […]