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Nutrition for your Crawler with Gerber Lil Bits

Let your baby enjoy Gerber Lil BitsWe have been traveling for most of August and September and wouldn’t you know it, Joey started crawling while we were away. The second he started crawling, he started putting EVERYTHING in his mouth. This child is ready for more solid foods. With his allergies, I have to watch what I give him. I can’t give him puffs or anything that you’d start most babies on, but I can start him with Gerber Lil’ Bits since it just has chunks of whatever fruit or vegetable they are eating.

Let baby learn how to eat chunky foods with Gerber Lil Bits

I can’t believe how fast this first year is going. Not only did Joey learn to crawl, but he immediately started pulling up as well. He even started cruising along the couch two days ago. Can someone tell him he’s only 9 months and walking doesn’t come for 3 more?!

Gerber Lil Bits Parfait

I love that Gerber Lil’ Bits doesn’t add any extras, it’s just fruits and vegetables so that I know what my baby is eating. That’s super important with food allergy baby. If you wanted to “beef” up baby’s food, though, you can do this simple recipe.

Gerber Lil Bits Parfait

Servings 4 servings
Author Paula Krueger


  • 1 Fruit flavored Gerber Lil' Bits I used Pear Apple Berry
  • 1 Whole Milk Baby Yogurt


  1. In 4 separate, seal-able containers layer yogurt and Lil' Bits
  2. Serve one container to baby and seal up the other 3 for different meals.

I love that this recipe adds in some dairy and is super easy to make and take. I can throw the extras in a cooler and bring with on our trip or just have them ready for the next three mornings for breakfast. Batch cooking is really important when you have a family as large as mine.

Baby Exploring

While I think Joey is growing up way too fast, I am enjoying watching him explore his world and learn new things. As long as I have nutritious foods to give him, I’m happy. You can find Gerber Lil’ Bits at Amazon, Babies R Us, Walmart, Target, or Kroger. I got ours at Walmart. Here is a list of some of the flavors of Lil’ Bits you can find:

Apple Banana

Apple Blueberry

Banana Apple Mango

Banana Apple Strawberry

Butternut Squash and Potato

Island Fruit Blend

Mixed Carrots, Corn, and Butternut Squash

Orchard Fruit Medley

Pear Apple Berry

Sweet Potato Apple Carrot and Cinnamon

Autumn Vegetable and Turkey Dinner

Carrots Peas and Corn

Chicken Itty-Bitty Noodle Dinner

Garden Vegetable and Beef Dinner

Herbed Vegetable, Pasta & Chicken Dinner

Mac & Cheese Dinner

Roasted Vegetable and Chicken Dinner

Broccoli Carrot & Cheddar Cheese Dinner

Farmers Market Vegetable & Turkey Dinner

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Paula Krueger considers herself a "baby "chef, not because she cooks for babies, but because she's still learning how to cook. She started this blog after taking Wilton method classes and at that point was more interested in baking. She's since become more interested in learning to cook as her family has grown. She also covers product reviews and travel as well.