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New Ways to Enjoy a Black Bean Burger

Black Bean Burger by Umami

Black Bean Burger by Umami

Who says you have to make a hamburger out of only the most traditional ingredients? And who says a health-conscious black bean burger has to lack in flavor, in creativity, in wow? Truth be told, the culinary possibilities for a black bean burger are just as rich and just as diverse as for a conventional beef burger. You’ve just got to be willing to think outside the box, and, more importantly, to have some fun with your ingredients.

Whether you’re looking to do something good for your health or simply enter into a new world of burger flavors, black bean patties have what you’re looking for—and with a little creativity, you can make them truly decadent, satisfying, and filling!

A Basic Black Bean Burger Recipe

To begin with, let’s get the basic patties down. For your next black bean burger night, assemble the following ingredients:

1 15 oz. can of black beans; drain and rinse ‘em

2 tablespoons of ketchup

1 tablespoon of yellow mustard

1 teaspoon of onion powder

1 teaspoon of garlic powder

1/3 cup of bread crumbs

Now, if you’re looking to spice things up a bit, there are some optional ingredients you may or may not wish to mix into the patties. These include diced onions—probably no more than a quarter cup—and a clove of minced garlic to replace the garlic powder. Many black bean burger fans also like some shredded carrots in their patties, believe it or not. Again, a quarter cup is probably fine.

Take your black beans and put them in a medium bowl, crushing them with your fork but leaving some visible pieces of black bean evident. Once you’ve got ‘em mashed up pretty well, add all the other ingredients and mix thoroughly.

Score your mixture into about four sections, using a fork to create distinct and roughly equal portions. Take each section into your hand and roll it into a burger patty. Chill the patties in the refrigerator for just a few minutes before you cook; 10-15 should be plenty.

Condiments, Variations, and Extras

Now, you can cook your burgers however you like—in the oven or on a hot grill—but as you do so, also think about some of the options available to you. Start with condiments. You can always adorn your burgers with the traditional burger condiments, which can be delicious! There are other options, too, however—like spreading guacamole over your burgers and serving with plantains. Yum!

For an added kick, you can add chipotle peppers to your patties. For some different textures, you can also mix in barley, wheat berries, or even chopped cashews!

The point is, black bean burgers provide you with plenty of creative license—so seize it, have fun, and enjoy!

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