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It’s All About the Clean

Note: This post was sponsored by CVS but all opinions are my own.Clean up with Total Home

I can’t believe that Christmas is 5 days away! I will have over 30 people in my house in less than 5 days. I’m so not ready! Luckily I have some help from CVS and their Total Home products to get a head start this weekend on cleaning. I like that there’s a CVS just down the street and it’s a simple store to run in and out of to get something FAST! I don’t like dragging four kids through a BIG store just to get some milk or cleaning wipes.

Clean Sink with Total Home Cleaning Eraser

One thing that needed a good clean before my party was my kitchen sink. Look at all that ickiness! I used the Total Home Extra Strength Cleaning Eraser on my sink and it made a huge difference. It even took out the cast iron stain on the bottom of my sink. Too bad it can’t fix all the chips in my sink! My kitchen is where many people gather during my parties, so I like for it to look as clean as possible.

Today after Mass I will be handing the kids the container of Total Home wipes and having them go to town on the cabinets. They all need a really good wipe down before the party. They also need to clean the window in the kitchen. We have a small table in the kitchen that the kids sit at to eat their breakfasts and lunches. The table sits right up against my front window and it somehow ends up with food on it all the time. Wonder how that happens?!

Clean up for Christmas with Total Home

We will be working on getting the majority of our Christmas cleaning done today, since we will be gone all day tomorrow to go to a memorial for my husband’s childhood friend. It’s hard to lose at least one day right before a major holiday, but relationships are what’s the most important! Again, having a CVS close by so I can run in quickly, pick up what I need, and clean with some great products quickly will make more time for those relationships.

Is your house Christmas party ready?

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