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National Blog Posting Month #NaBloPoMo


You may have noticed I’ve been posting every day this month so far. I’ve decided to take part in NaBloPoMo. It was a last minute decision on the 1st to do it. I want to write more. I want to share more with what’s going on in our lives and I want to share more personal stuff. It’s definitely been a challenge, though, because this week has been crazy busy and the only time I’m finding time to write is 10pm and that is way past my bedtime. If you don’t know what NaBloPoMo is, it is: National Blog Posting Month and the goal is to write every day of the month on your blog. It’s sponsored by BlogHer and you can win a pass to BlogHer Pro while doing it. Not only am I hoping to work on my writing and sharing skills, I’m hoping to find some new blogging friends along the way. I have loved all the blogging friends I’ve made in the past almost 5 years.

I hope if you’ve found me through #NaBloPoMo that you stick around to hear about our homeschool adventures, try a recipe, or check out a product I’ve reviewed. Let me know where you came from so I can check our your blog as well!

About Paula

Paula Krueger considers herself a “baby “chef, not because she cooks for babies, but because she’s still learning how to cook. She started this blog after taking Wilton method classes and at that point was more interested in baking. She’s since become more interested in learning to cook as her family has grown. She also covers product reviews and travel as well.