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Baby Q 6 and 7 Months

Baby Q 7 Months

I’ve been a slacker mom. I haven’t updated on Q since she was 5 months old. When she turned 6 months I was waiting for her doctor appointment to post so that I could share her recent measurements, but then I forgot about her appointment and she didn’t get in until a few days before she turned 7 months.

Date Age Length Weight
1/24/2014 Birth 20″ 9 lb
1/27/2014 3 days 20″ 7 lb 14 oz
1/31/2014 7 days 20.5″ 8 lb 4 oz
2/7/2014 2 weeks 20.75″ 8 lb 6 oz
2/24/2014 1 month 21.75″ 8 lb 12 oz
3/24/2014 2 months 23.5″ 10 lb 2 oz
5/27/2014 4 months 23.75″ 11 lb 5 oz
8/20/2014 6¬†months 24.5″ 12 lb 13 oz


As you can see, Q is still a tiny little girl. She doesn’t really want to grow a lot, but neither does her big sister. While we were at Monkey’s appointment they asked me if I’d like to have her see a hormone specialist to talk about growth hormones. I said no thank you, my mom was offered the same thing and I turned out an ok height of 5’4″.

Baby Q Pushing up

Baby Q has learned a new trick over the past two months… pushing herself up on furniture. She’s not pulling herself, she pushes up if the arm or side of the bed she’s in is low enough. Of course she learned this lovely trick the first hour that we went camping last month and all I had with was a low sided infant bed. Luckily she never fell out of the bed!

Baby Q Trying to Crawl

She hasn’t quite gotten there yet, but she’s getting closer to crawling every day. I’m glad she’s not quite there, because I’m not quite ready for her to do it! She has cut her two front bottom teeth over the past two months as well. She showed no signs of teething except the water faucet coming out of her month. She wasn’t cranky or anything. She is seriously the best baby ever.

Baby Q 7 months

Hopefully I’ll do a little better of updating here on time. Happy 7 months baby girl!

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