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28 Week Pregnancy Update

28 Weeks Pregnant

I haven’t updated since #24Weeks. Overall I’m doing ok. Baby girl has some major karate chops going on in there! I’ve been dealing with some weird shoulder pain and I’m not sure if it’s from the way I sleep or if I did something. It’s been going on for about two weeks now and some days I just want to cry all day. I don’t want to jinx myself, but I do think that it’s getting better. Unfortunately, the hip problem that I have with every pregnancy is starting. When I get out of bed or up off a chair, I can’t even move my left leg for a few steps. Once I’ve forced my body about 10 steps then I can walk normally. I’m really thinking about looking for a chiropractor. I’ve never been to one, have you?

I’ve started my Holiday Baby Gift Guide and it’s really starting to get me excited that baby is coming and FAST. I should be holding her in my arms 11 weeks from today. My goal this next week is to get the girls’ room put together. I haven’t had the time to get in there and do a proper cleaning out and move furniture. We’re getting rid of Monkey’s desk and book shelf. A friend of ours gave us a loft bed. I want to see if we can put it up without the desk underneath so we can put the crib under there, but I don’t know how tall it stands yet. If not, at least Monkey will still have a place for her computer. I’m also on the lookout for a tall dresser. We currently have a wide dresser in the room (which the drawers are falling apart) and it won’t fit with a crib and bed.

It’s also time to find me some slip on shoes that will work for the winter. It’s getting a little more difficult to tie shoes (or even get them on my feet!) I tried on a pair at Meijer and they were way too slim. I know my feet will swell so I need a wide width shoe. Well, it’s time for me to get my body up and moving for the day, I have people coming over in 3.5 hours!

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  1. You look fantastic!! I can’t wait to meet this sweet baby!

    My husband goes to a chiropractor a ton – and he would definitely recommend it!
    Sara Phillips´s last blog post ..The ‘stache makes all kinds of great gifts! #MyKindOfHoliday

  2. It seems like those weeks fly by so quickly at that point!

    I didn’t really experience any aches and pains with my first, but my second pregnancy was a different story. I’d ache all over, but a body pillow and massages helped ease the pain a little.
    HilLesha´s last blog post ..We ❤ Mickey Mouse! Mickey & Co. by Forever 21

  3. With this last pregnancy, I couldn’t sleep on my side because i would get terrible hip pain. I was hoping it would go away, but I’m 3 months PP and I still can’t lay on my side. 🙁
    Leilani´s last blog post ..2013 Kia Rio Review

  4. You look great mama! I’m a week behind you & have had the shoulder issue for a couple of months- not sure if it’s the same issue, but I have like a rib out of place next to my shoulder on my back. Apparently it’s a common pregnancy thing. 🙁 A chiro could help with that too though!
    Shell Feis´s last blog post ..Car Seat Safety Tips from Chicco & Car Seat Safety Advocate Julie Prom

  5. I think when I was pregnant with my second one I ended up wearing slippers to work most of the time LOL! Sorry about the shoulder pain and hip that has to be hard.
    Colleen´s last blog post ..Hungry for Hunger Games : Catching Fire

  6. You look so cute! I can’t believe you are already 28 weeks!
    Mellisa´s last blog post ..Thor: The Dark World Hollywood Premiere at the El Capitan Theatre + Film Review #ThorDarkWorldEvent

  7. Yay! You look wonderful. I miss being pregnant and admit I’m a little jealous. Only 11 weeks – not too long to go until you’ve got your precious new baby!
    Mickey´s last blog post ..The End of Beeps

  8. Awww. Look at that baby belly. Definitely go see a chiropractor. I didn’t when mine was giving me issues with the surro-baby, and it has started up the past few weeks and I wish I had had it taken care of.
    Kathleen´s last blog post ..Get Kids Talking About Topics That Matter #ChannelOneNews

  9. I also suggest a chiropractor. Hope your shoulder feels better soon!
    Stefanie´s last blog post ..Oatmeal Craisins Chocolate Chip Cookies Recipe + #ilovecraisins Twitter Contest

  10. You look so adorable!
    Ty @ Mama of 3 Munchkins´s last blog post ..Make Your Special Day “Unforgettable” with Wedding Flowers

  11. Im sorry your having pain and hurting! That doesn’t sound like any fun at all! Hopefully it will go away soon for ya!
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  12. Look at that sweet bump!! Time sure seems to be flying and it won’t be long before your new little girl is here.
    Marcie W.´s last blog post ..Obviously Holiday – Kids Cooking Made Easy Cookbook Review

  13. Aww I miss being preggers! It DOES go way too fast! 🙁
    courtney´s last blog post ..Holiday Looks for Less | #OshKoshBgosh #MC

  14. Look at you! How exciting!! Sorry about your pain though.
    Anne – Mommy Has to Work´s last blog post ..Getting Trophies Raises Self Esteem

  15. Wow, 28 weeks already. Not much longer now.
    Crystal @ Simply Being´s last blog post ..5 Tips for Treating Eczema

  16. aww you look great!!!! I can’t belive if you are already over half done!!
    Toni´s last blog post ..Thor: The Dark World Red Carpet Premiere At The El Capitan Theatre & Movie Review #ThorDarkWorldEvent

  17. Sorry to hear about your hip & leg troubles, but glad the pregnancy is going well.
    Robin Gagnon {Mom Foodie}´s last blog post ..Lemon-Walnut Savory Cornmeal Shortbread Crackers

  18. You look beautiful! I had my son on Nov. 25th, and my feet were huge. I found a pair of comfy slip on shoes to wear the last 2 months, finally. I really thought I was going to walk around barefooted. 🙂
    Donna´s last blog post ..Peace of Mind When I Travel With the React Mobile App #sponsored #apps #tech #iPhone

  19. Ninja baby! I hope you find some relief soon; I think seeing a chiropractor (or even a physical therapist) is a great idea. A PT might be able to diagnose the problem and give you some simple exercises to keep things working.
    Julie´s last blog post ..Friday I’m In Love: Jonathan Adler, Victoria’s Secret, Virgin Airlines