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Meet Gretchen Our Elf Magic Elf

This is Gretchen. She’s our Elf Magic Elf that has come to stay with us until Christmas Eve. (She goes back in time to help Santa load the sleigh.) She’s already gotten herself into some trouble around here and she hasn’t even been here a week! Last weekend the kids left a note for Santa asking for an Elf to come visit them. Santa sent Gretchen to us. These little elves can be mischievous and get into trouble. If they are too bad you are supposed to tell them to stop. We have to sprinkle Gretchen with special magic dust sent from Santa and leave out crackers and ice water for her every night. The crackers remind her of how the snow crunches in the North Pole under your feet and the ice water is to remind her of the melting snow back home.

Her first full night here she got herself stuck on the candle holder in our dining room. It’s really high up there, as you can see. Wonder how she got there!

Day two she climbed the Christmas tree and we caught her up on top.

This morning we woke up to writing all over our bathroom mirror. It’s hard to read in the picture, but it says: “Wash your hands! Brush Your Teeth! and Be Good!” My husband and I were not very happy with Gretchen writing on the mirror!

I can’t wait to see what other trouble she gets into. I know I have 13 more cookie recipes to make. Hopefully she doesn’t make a mess of those while I’m not looking! I’ll show you what she’s been up to in another few days.

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  1. Gretchen is adorable! I love our Magic Elf! 🙂 His name is Newton!
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  2. At least she isn’t nearly as creepy as the original elf! Gretchen HAS been getting in trouble! I can’t wait to see what else she does!
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  3. I love Gretchen!! She’s adorable! I love the mirror writing! That is one on my list for our elf.
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